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RevMel Member
RevMel Dec 5 '15
Has there ever been a rule that Satanist must be vegetarian, or vegan? I've no problem with either people, however when I met Anton LaVey we both had a bacon cheese beef burger, chili fries and Cokes. Think he was worried about it? People, well some have the idea, that a certain diet makes you more "spiritual"? Really? I'll think about that next time I'm at the sushi bar, two blocks away.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Dec 5 '15
I grew up on sheep properties and have worked on both sheep and cattle properties and as a result have eaten more meat in my life than most people I think. Meat was provided as part of the wages - one property we lived on our family of four got a whole sheep a week, plus a half a bullock twice a year, plus we raised pigs for slaughtering on Christmas and Easter... And chickens - everything around me died... Although I never forgave my parents for serving me up my duck! It's name was Blackyhacky and I remember being secretly pleased when they found its meat to be tough - suck shit for killing my fucking duck!

When I was little I was reasonably apathetic (except for my duck) and remember skipping rope with the sheep intestines - my brother and I fighting over who got the intestines and who got stuck with the bowel, but as I got older my empathy grew really strong in me and I used to make myself look into the eyes of the animals while they died so I could somehow feel their suffering. Finally, in my early 20's I became a fully fledged vegan for about a year (until I started dating a guy that liked steak!)

Now I believe it is redundant not to honour our place in the food chain. However, I personally feel that the ideal way of feeding ourselves is to hunt the animal ourselves so that one is more conscious of the life being given up and it is not taken so frivolously, plus the animal gets to live free and in its natural environment until the day it dies. But unfortunately that plan doesn't fit in with the need to feed the masses. But I love meat - I am a real cave woman!
Hartnell Dec 9 '15
@Revmel: I don't understand what you're talking about. I seemed to have missed a lot of back story which happened before your post.
G.B. Dec 22 '15
i have never heard of any rule that satanists need to be vegetarians. i can´t think of any reasons either, the only rule in satanism i know of is to respect and not mistreat animals. that does not exclude eating meat though.

i´m a vegetarian myself though, for over 21 years now, longer than i have been a satanist.
but i´ve never fancied eating meat. don´t miss it at all.

LuxVonFerre Jan 5 '16
There are no dietary restrictions in the Satanic philosophy that I know of. Dietary regimes are a matter of personal preference, therefore, if you feel that you are paying homage to the origins of the philosophy by being mainly herbivorous, then Hail! Same can be said for choosing a more omnivorous diet.
G.B. Jan 6 '16
the only time i´ve ever heard of vegetarianism being satanic was from some fundamental christian pamphlet, like alot of other harmless and trivial things they like to condemn and warn about.
i don´t know they came up with that, i somehow suspect it might have something to do with cain and abel, with cain offering vege´s and abel offering meat as a sacrifice and god liking abels sacrifices while not being very happy with cains sacrifice.
or maybe some fundamental christian higher up the hierarchy just didn´t like vegetarians and decided to condemn them altogether.
Luciferi Baphomet
Luciferi Baphomet Jan 6 '16
There is no rule in Satanism what you can eat not eat at all. Satanism isn't controlling like the other religions that follow jesus. Those religions are controlling and tell you what you can eat and what you cannot eat on a day during the week. Satanism is about being free about doing what you want.
avesatanas666 Jan 10 '16
Human flesh tastes good.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 10 '16
@G.B When I was in my early 20's I got my 10 lessons from the Mormons - I had no intention of joining but I have an interest in learning about different philosophies and religions and the girls were lovely. They came during my year long stint as a vegan and promptly informed me that being a vegan was a sin. They also told me that after the white people came to the Americas God painted all the sinners black so you could tell the difference. I argued that point but they insisted that that is how it happened. That such a concept was being taught kind of disgusted me. But I did visit the church once. The priest was a Maori and glowed and threatened to chuck me in the pool to baptise me, but nobody else glowed with happiness.

@Avesatanas: Speaking of black people... I read that cannibalistic natives preferred eating the meat of black people as it was apparently sweeter. Apparently white people tasted inferior by comparison.
RevMel Member
RevMel Jan 14 '16
All these opinions are great. BTW, I have a turkey in the oven. *LOL*
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Feb 2 '16
Centuries of years ago, eating meat and drinking blood was considered being part of worshiping the Devil. Today eating meat and drinking blood is normal for any person who likes to do it. 
Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Feb 9 '16
Them both. I love a good beef accompanied with salad.
Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Feb 9 '16
talking serious now....I think scientifical research about this is still in development. I tend to agree with the idea that every person should have a different diet.
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