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Daark Arte
Daark Arte Jan 8 '16

My name is Daark Arte. I love dark music and art. I am a witch by birth through the maternal line …earth magic, herbs and stones, sigils and sex magick. I am also psychic and am in contact with the dead and can see major catastrophic events. 13 years ago my mother died and the curse she was covered with moved onto me. I became sick and eventually lost my legs. I have tried, without success to remove whatever darkness is covering me through my intuitive arts, but I feel like I need to fight fire with fire. I am interested in learning more about the LHP. I am looking to finding out more about what I can do to counter or remove the curse and looking to expand my magical knowledge.  Feel free to contact me.

As always,


ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 8 '16
Hi Daark!

Yay! Another middle-aged chick like me! Welcome!

You lost your legs... Wow! Do you mean you lost use of them or do you mean that your actual legs are gone? What illness caused this?

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Daark Arte
Daark Arte Jan 9 '16
Hey Shadowlover! After 6 years of pain 24/7 both of my legs were amputated above the knee. I have lymphadema due to a botched C-section in the ' 90's.  
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 9 '16
That is unimaginable and must have taken some serious adjustments... How long has the curse been with your family and does it manifest in specific ways?
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