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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 9 '16
Does anyone here have any fears or phobias?
If so, do they impact on your life in any way?
How do you tell if a fear is rational or irrational?
How do you deal with fear?
How do you make it go away?
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 11 '16
When I was about 19, my boyfriend and our mates used to drive into the forestry reserve on the island which I lived for fun. There was a fire tower in the middle - you know one of those little boxes five stories high with a ladder to get to the top... Well, the boys used to climb to the top and I always stopped at the second story because I am not really a fan of heights - once I was above the trees it just use to freak me out. But it really pisses me off when I can't do something, so one day when we went there I climbed to the second story and then I closed my eyes so I could climb to the third - a ladder is just a ladder when your eyes are closed. It could be any height. I opened my eyes to safely turn the corner and then I closed them again to climb to the fourth story... And finally the fifth. Frankly I hated it up there. Tears rolled down my face - didn't help it that the boys thought it was funny to rock it and make it sway; but they stopped when they realised how genuinely frightened I was. The worst part was that there was about a two foot gap between the ladder and the platform, and climbing back across that to get back on the ladder was just fucked. But I did it. I climbed the tower - was happy after that. : )

My fear of heights is not debilitating and is largely dependent on my trust in the structure.

I have done a treetop walk at O'Reilley's National Park on planks with two ropes to hang on to... It is beautiful as it winds around the top of the rain-forest. In actual fact, the road getting up to the National Park is far more trecherous than the walk. Lol.

And I love theme park rides and helicopters(that was spinny) and planes. But that glass bottom walk at the Grand Canyon would certainly freak me out - what kind of a sadist came up with that! But I won't lean over a balcony on the twenty-fifth floor - I stand back and just look at the horizon!

Here is the treetop walk.

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