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Padowan Jan 13 '16
My experience with Anger, whether denied, repressed, or expressed, has provided me the realization that is an emotion to fuel protection. The logical mind has to determine if the threat to self (or loved ones) is real or imagined but the emotional mind seeks to protect with Anger.

So what is Hate?
Is Hate useful or detrimental?
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 13 '16

I guess it depends what you do with the hate... If you recognise it and then I would advise exploring the reason for such a strong emotion to be manifesting in such a way... And use it to fuel a constructive change...

I think hate often accompanies fear - we have a negative emotion towards something that we perceive as a threat. I say I hate Sharia Law... Basically because the introduction of it would change my life in ways which I don't want it to change - it threatens my lifestyle. I use that emotion to try to educate apologists. However, the emotion is not in what I say (that is usually calm and logical... Usually!) but the driving force behind me continuing to say it in circles where it is not received well. I take a lot of knocks - it would be easier for me to say nothing. 

But to hate without a plan for resolution is a waste of energy, and to internalise the hate and stew is to sour one's own energy.

All emotions are tools and ultimately need to be used constructively.

Padowan Jan 14 '16
Fear + Anger = Hate
Interesting perspective. They seem like contradictory emotions. Could be the reason Hate consumes some people because one emotion is fueled by the other; a spiral of fear and anger.

I'm not so sure Hate is a conducive emotional state for planning resolutions though. I do not think you can Hate and resolve at the same time. Resolutions determined in Hate have a history of genocide, homicide, assault, and warfare. Satanism is certainly heading in the right direction with destruction rituals which ultimately prevent self destruction and harming innocent bystanders.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Jan 14 '16

@Padowan. I understand your confusion because Hate confuses me too. Even to the point where I wonder what hate is? I feel it is one of those words that get thrown around. ...Like love!

I say I hate Sharia Law. I hated my father for many years after he abused me. Some people say they hate their exes... I don't think I ever did, although I admit to going through a period of anger at the end of each relationship, but that is part of the grieving process. I have also experienced hating a couple of women in my time, but we all know that was due to an insecurity on my part. I guess that is my point - when we hate something it is really to do with ourselves and it needs to be investigated.

Most f the time when we identify the underlying cause the hate dissipates. If the cause is a continual threat than the hate (or any residual emotion) needs to be channelled constructively.

You are correct that it is not a very conducive emotional state with logical planning, but the same can be said about most emotions. Frankly, emotions scare the shit out of me! They seem to go hand in hand with a loss of control which leaves you vulnerable. I prefer to experience it in controlled bursts like when you listen to an inspirational song and the singer brings tears to your eyes and leaves you taking erratic breaths, but for the most part I'm like Spok - emotionally repressed. Lol! Probably not a healthy thing for a woman to do being that we are designed to be emotional.

Padowan, are you referring to hate about a situation in particular, or just hate in general?

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Arach Kybel
Arach Kybel Jan 15 '16
Sometimes "hate by itself" has no relationship with anger, sometimes has relationship with a macrovision of certain "solid state" conditions on society. Contemplation by Hate is a way to understand how go things in contradiction with our own will. Anger itself , more focused and towards the mind is related to a certain transitive reaction of hate from the mind.
But, sometimes, hate is define by the reactive mind, a vulnerable zone of the unconcious mind, but of course, this perspective, its not well recieved for the most agnostic of Satanism.

Fear at the same time, has no relationship with "being afraid", you can be afraid of death, as an example, and have fear to bats. You can consider the latter a "phobia" if you wish, but is related to reactive mind in itself and some pulsation of death, that the person itself is repressing in a certain way.

In a personal experience, more related to Magick, Ive found fear more easy to destroy than hate, because hate is based on well thought events, when fear, most of the time is a misconception of something that makes us feel in menace.

Fear can be destroyed with Desire ¨( indeed Desire is more powerful than fear, and sometimes is more dangerous to replace fear with desire, because desire can use hate in a better way than fear ).

Seems to be, at least from my perpective many kinds of fear, one related to hate, some others related to pulsations of death and life, preservation of certain conditions in existence, uncertainty, and many other "events" or "circumstances".

Sometimes, hate is more sophisticated than fear, the latter tends to a more animalistic reaction, as we can see, many egregores or memetics are based on hate, using fear as a tool to feed that hate, more than the opposite.

Uncertainty of uknown things, produce in us fear by default, and hate is based on a mindset based on rejection or contraction against certain thing, person or organization, whatever...

Sorry for my english, trying to be better writing it down...

Padowan Jan 15 '16
We share Vulcan characteristics. ;)
MisterOwl Jan 15 '16

Quote from FraterLuciferi Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.   

This made me laugh. Not in a bad way, just that as I was reading through the responses the exact same thing came to my mind.

In all seriousness though, I love this topic. It's very thought provoking. I'm going to have to dwell on it a bit more before I can offer an intelligent response though (I didn't get much sleep last night so maybe after a power nap).

Demon Leopard
Demon Leopard Jun 17 '16
I view Hatred as both a potential motivator, and as a form of situational awareness. Honestly any Emotion can be used for what you want or need with self-control. If You want your distaste for a person to motivate yourself in defeating them in compition then you can. It's all about how you think of it and self control.
LUC1469 Jun 29 '16
You make an excellent point, visioncharm. I personally find it difficult to reason through things when I am overcome with anger. Most of the time the things we do or say in anger are the things we would very much like to take back if we could. Passion has it's place, of course and we should always work towards enjoying life through those passions! I agree with you so much here. Don't let your passions make you lose your focus or your control.
Padowan Jun 30 '16
The topic was Hate.
Padowan Jun 30 '16
@Demon Leopard
Hate as a motivator...
That's framing hate as a useful tool. Prolonged anger for effective results. I like that.
But how exactly is Hate a form of situational awareness?
Demon Leopard
Demon Leopard Jul 4 '16
@Padowan Gives you an idea of who you're comfortable around, depending on why you hate someone. If you hate them for something stupid like appearance or race then it's useless. On the other hand if you're disaplined with it and only hate others for their actions then it can serve as a reminder on why you're not comfortable with a person. Also if attacked by someone having hatred towards them could make it easier to do what you need to in order to defend yourself. But again I'd say to keep it under control you would need disipline.
gamerguy666 Aug 3 '16
Hate is a defence against things that are harmful and give you the drive to react to it. Also it drives change either small or large, It can be used for good or evil it depends on the user. 
Padowan Oct 9 '16
Interesting that so many of these comments contain the word "should."
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