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ExOrienteNox Feb 26 '16

Greetings Everyone!

I am ExOrienteNox,  i am a Luciferian/Satanist,  i am not new to Occultism. but i just recently decided the Path i would take.

I Love Classical Music, Blues, Jazz and Power Metal group like Blind Guardian, Hammerfall. I also love the Group Type O Negative.

I am very happy to come on this Website,  it will be a pleasure to talk with other fellow Satanist.

gamerguy666 Apr 12 '16
Welcome i'm kinda new to Satanism and i mainly joined the website to talk too Satanists who knew more about Satanism and find out more about the philosophy and to see if i identified with it. After talking with Satanists and them providing me with information i have considered myself a Laveyan Satanist for almost 2 months now.

Hail Satan!

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Sturmgeist88 Apr 12 '16
Welcome aboard comrade. Nice taste in music tbh. Hope you enjoy the stay here.
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