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Emmanuel Marduk
Emmanuel Marduk Apr 6 '16
My personal experiences with Witches I don't really like how they perceive themselves and especially in relationships, I've dated a witch and she was a piece of shit, our common interests where the same but as for me it was just sex, and her materials that she would buy me to keep me around, so saying she had a spell on me I had to break, I didn't truly love her as I thought and knew she was a fucking whore, she clang on to anything that she wanted from people, she was a broke ass piece of shit, and I burned all of everything she gave me, to kill her spellbound hold on me, Im relieved that I got out that shit before she got to me, Never fuck over a Scorpio I will come back 1000x harder then you would know, I think some Satanists and Witches can get along, it's themselves as a person.  
Emmanuel Marduk
Emmanuel Marduk Apr 7 '16
Real talk I think some not all witches are all threats but the one I was with was a straight whore fuck her lol.

Emmanuel Marduk
Emmanuel Marduk Apr 7 '16
She was a Gemini straight up mess, Im a Scorpio and once you cross me your fucked. :)
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Apr 8 '16
Not all witches are bad, not all saints are holy ,  not all popes are good,  we can't stereotype  all the witches of  being bad just for the only reason of the bad behavior  or bad conduct of a person proclaiming to be a witch, or the bad experience a solo person has had with a witch. I'm very thankful for my coexistence with some witches,  they have been the most amazing and agradable persons I've ever lived with , all the witches I've met,  they have had a very magical way and a very lovely manner of dealing with me. ONE OF THEM WAS MY WONDERFUL MOTHER who gained herself the favor of all those who were around her,  she was allways helping them, even our enemies thought she was a saint, but she was a  traditional witch. Ave all the witches,  don't burn them, don't stone them, but  protect  them, they will be there for you , even if they have to dieby doing that.
Tenebrous_lion Apr 9 '16
There are satanic 'witches'....some people put that as a title while others play around with the label for personal reasons without the need for external recognition. I respect people who don't take their title so seriously and remain aware that the true power comes from themselves and not from a title or a job or an asset. This stuff is secondary as to how we see fit to use it. There's posers in all subcultures be it music, art or philosophy based ones.
Agent Apr 14 '16
Satan is not part of the WICCAN pantheon.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 31 '16
Witch, Witch, Witch,  bless us with your spells 

Witch,  Witch,  Witch,  enchant us with your smells 

Witch , Witch,  Witch,  teach us to trust in ourselves 

Witch,  Witch,  Witch,  Witch, open wide the gates of Hells. 

VenusSatanas Oct 31 '16
Wiccans and pagans do not own witchcraft. there is witchcraft to be found all over the world before the modern pagan or wiccan incorporated it into their practices. They dont own it anymore than they own the elements, the planets, and the use of spiritual magic.

Laveys witch is a different animal, mostly using charm as a method of manipulation. nothing new there and certainly not owned by satanism.
VenusSatanas Oct 31 '16
they merely adopted it on the heels of the likes of Crowley and thelemic practice. It was Gerald Gardner in 1950 who popularized it and made the historical ties to ancient practices.

LaVey also taught classes on magic and witchcraft before he created his church!

but yes generally in Satanism the title "Magus" is used, instead of witch, not so often you see "warlock", but witch is fine for the general feminine, its pre-pagan and wiccan, pre-christian root only meaning 'wise woman'.
The Satanist
The Satanist Nov 1 '16
I would say this, about Wiccan society, I would say at least 78% of them are righteous and narrow-minded, (plus other words), nevertheless, its everywhere, no matter what. I disagree with some Satanists, and also there groups about some topics, etc. It takes all kinds of people, to make the world go round. There is another thing - The comment above, about this witch, and etc. It happens to both sexes, you have bad men/Women, and you have good Men/women. No matter what beliefs they have. Human life social environments, and what they have become. I seen many women, treat good guys like shit. Because a guy treated them like shit. Etc,etc, plus Men treating good women like shit to. 
The Satanist
The Satanist Nov 1 '16
Right, I'm going to hug a tree! ahahahaha
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