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Ericzanneauthor Apr 11 '16
Hi.  I am Eric Zanne(pen name). I am an author. 29 years old.  6'5" and 255lbs.  I like to rock climb, do yoga, read, and write my fiction.  I discovered Laveyan Satanism during my first deployment to Iraq.  I live in Nashville TN. 
Sturmgeist88 Apr 12 '16
What does your writing focus on typically?

You seem like a intimidatingly tall and muscular man; I doubt many people fuck with you.

Rock climbing would be awesome if the mountains around here weren't so treacherous and unstable. Reading is definitely good and I imagine yoga refines your strength.

I'm glad you're still alive after dealing with that war, and I hope that you don't get murdered due to living in the south and being satanist.

Welcome to the forums brother.
Ericzanneauthor Apr 12 '16
Lol most people in the South haven't cared. Well the few I have told. I write fiction. I am about to put one novel up as an eBook. It's a epistolary Crime novel. Writing a fantasy and a psychological horror.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Apr 12 '16
I am working on a fantasy/psychological horror at present as well. Aren't they awesome! You can really get lost in the characters... 
Ericzanneauthor Apr 12 '16
I love writing but they are two books that I am working on. I would love to read a fantasy psych horror though, it sounds fun.
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