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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover May 20 '16

There are people out there that want to rule the world. I don’t support globalism, not because I don’t think it would be lovely if we all got along and were all fair and our ultimate leaders had our best interests at heart. But let’s face it, as humans are, those notions are a pile of doodoo. Actually a pile of doodoo is more realistic because at least it has a tangibility.

This post isn’t about minorities or religions or races, but about how they are being used as pawns…

Imagine standing on the beach in Greece and watching 800,000 immigrants walk by you, about 70% of which are military aged men with an aggressive presence. The sight, should make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Something in your gut should twinge and tell you that this is a volatile situation. If you are an unaccompanied woman, you should be hiding behind the biggest fucking tree you can find. Being around 500,000 men, many who have come from a warzone, many who are willing to do what it takes to get what they want. They are angry. You should be afraid - this is your survival instinct! Now, instead of having your concerns validated, you are belittled for them and have it implied that you are somewhat substandard. You will even have fascists willing to bash you for being afraid. People are developing a fear of fear. They are burying their fear and ignoring it. They are ignoring their basic survival instincts. The lesson the ultimate leaders to be want us to learn here is, “Don’t trust your instincts or your gut. Don’t trust yourself.” They are removing your confidence in thinking for yourself. They are removing your sense of self.

In Australia, our National Anthem has been removed from most schools because it is offensive to Muslim people. Again, this isn’t about religion but about our sense of self. Some military symbols have also been removed from various places. And I believe in America, the Confederate flag has been outlawed in most places. Our sense of identity is being tampered with. Not unlike when Christians stole the Christmas Tree – the implication being if you like Christmas than you are might not be a real Pagan. If you don’t sing the Australian National Anthem then maybe you are not Australian after all – what is Australia? Small changes which seem harmless on there own are being rolled out throughout the Western world, but these changes are another way of removing your sense of self and your sense of who your community is. The lesson here is, “You don’t really know who you are.”

Then we have the gender issues… The toilet debacle in the States and the Safe Schools programme which they are trying to introduce in Australia. The Safe Schools Program was being sold as an anti-bullying program which sounds cool! In fact, when you look deeper it is a program devised to introduce children as young as five to transgender issues. …Where little boys will be encouraged to wear dresses to school. I don’t give a fuck who marries who – I actually support the idea of polygamy too as I feel it is sometimes a natural occurrence within our species. I don’t blame the LGBT community for the current politics as I feel they are pawns. Most just want to live their lives. But they are being used politically to further homogenise society and confuse a person’s sense of self and their identity. I don’t want a man standing beside me when I pee… The female restroom is my space as I am a female. Most little boys don’t want to wear dresses – pants are their domain or their space. The message being taught here is, “You are not who you think you are therefore you don’t know your space.”

I believe other minorities are also being used as pawns. Eg. Black Lives Matter. Minorities are being used to divide and conquer us as a society. Removing the Confederate Flag also did this – dividing and conquering the community.

When you combine these lessons, you get:

“Don’t trust your instincts or your gut. Don’t trust yourself.”

“You don’t really know who you are.”

“You are not who you think you are therefore you don’t know your space.”

Once your sense of community and sense of self (your identity) has been damaged or completely altered, it becomes very easy to reprogram an individual and give them a new sense of self and community. Once you no longer trust yourself or know who you are you become more dependent on the system. Once you divide and conquer a community it is easier to build a new one in its place. The world and its people is in the process of being broken down so it can be rebuilt. People’s minds and their sense of self is being fucked with.

So once the dust settles, how do we reunite the people so they can live in happily and homogenously within the program? You give them a ritual which they can all share and a God they can all worship together. The Global Warming God… It doesn’t offend any of the current religions. Once people believe in it they are willing to pay tidings to it in the form of taxes. They are willing to adjust their lifestyle to appease it. The people will finally be united and moving together in one blissfully ignorant herd. 

Just don’t ask where the money goes… In fact, don't question anything.

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Hartnell May 20 '16
The Confederate flag hasn't been banned. It's unpopular so they don't fly it at government buildings anymore, but that's not banning it. 

Even in the middle of the southern Bible belt, it was never a part of my sense of self. About the only thing I associate it with is one hella cool car. Google : "the general lee".

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover May 21 '16
LOL! Yeah, that was such an awesome show in its day. 

I don't doubt that it didn't affect you personally, but it did affect a lot of other people. They were effectively told that their feelings on the subject were wrong. "Do not trust your own feelings." They were then told how they had to feel. 

I remember reading that it is against some store's policies to sell it now because it causes offence to some people. And also that a Confederate General's remains were to be dug up and relocated (along with his wife's remains) and his statue removed. Did that actually go ahead - I think that is pretty extreme. The guy is dead and it is part of history. This only benefits those who seek to change history. Changing history is another way of changing a country's identity and our country is an extension of our community. 
This probably applies less to Satanists, but let's face it - a very small percentage of people are Satanists.
I think we just need to start tallying up all of the changes that are taking place and start viewing them collectively - looking at the bigger picture. 

Hartnell May 21 '16
I'm going to read this very carefully before responding. :)
Hartnell May 22 '16
Did you know that there's a highly technical and very specific term for someone who can be manipulated through external symbols? This is it: weak. ;)

But seriously, being manipulated in the way you're describing certainly suggests a fundamental lack of boundaries in the person manipulated. I'm not endorsing that kind of manipulation, only pointing out that the person being manipulated is complicit in their own manipulation. If it matters to you enough to take action, telling the manipulators to stop won't get you anywhere. However, helping someone learn healthy boundaries, self-reliance and to think for themselves just might have some effect.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover May 22 '16
Yes, I realise the problem lays within those that are being manipulated... 

I have actually had a mental breakthrough in the last few days. I have to separate myself emotionally from the victims. Bullies are my pet hate and when I see people being bullied and manipulated I can get a little worked up. And protection is a ultimately a male role and I suck at it anyway, unless it is in my face. 

I had to do this with my empathy about 10yrs ago. I have spoken about this before. I would feel energy shifting between individuals as they all fought and wrestled for it and it used to make me angry because there were always victims. I would speak up about it and most people were oblivious to it - they had no clue what I was talking about! I learned to separate myself emotionally and just look at the situation from a place of objective compassion rather than anger. 

There are so many people being manipulated in the world at the moment (always have done I guess). I can't reverse the flow of the herd. I might be able to separate a few and that is enough. Not enough to save the world from the Matrix but enough. 

Your last sentence hits the nail on the head.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover May 23 '16

Does anybody remember Mel Brook's Hitler Rap.

Ps. I don't know how to post these things with the picture showing - a little help please?

Hartnell May 23 '16
There's an arrow icon for share. After clicking that, you'll see "embed". Copy that code and paste it in the box that appears when you click on the camera button in the post reply window here.

The embed option will only appear if you're on a computer. (I.e. NOT a mobile device)

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