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Satan's Helper
Satan's Helper May 27 '16

I could say a lot but thought I'd better post my official introduction, since I just now checked the spam folder in my Gmail, go figure. I'm from the "bible belt town" located in Roanoke, Virginia and besides the fact that I need Jesus ... I'm looking to connect with other reasonable folks on the left hand path, that think for themselves and Satanists too! As a kid, I was brought up in the Catholic church until I knew well enough that, organized religion is just like the government. They keep all their dirty little secrets locked away and only tell the masses, what they want to hear. But I'm sure everyone here already knows that. I quickly became agnostic up until several years ago in my journey, to convert to Satanism. I've never joined any Churches, because $200 dollars just for someone to say no, is insane. Besides, there's nothing remotely interesting where I currently live. Ideally, I'd like to start a local coven not to actually "worship" anything, unless that's you're thing - I don't judge - but to get involved in some positive community activism and to make some new friends. Eventually, unless something drastic happens, like marriage. I plan to move to California or someplace big, where I can have some fun. Enough blabbering for now. If you like what you've read so far, feel free to send a message. This seems like a cool site. I'm on Twitter, Facebook and all those bullshit sites also, but don't really post what's on my mind there much. 

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez May 27 '16
Satan's Helper : Welcome to Hell. By the way, I  have a little question, it goes in line with what milisin666 wrote about your fact : What do you need Jesus for? , I am just curious.  Welcome anyway,  and be free from your metal slavery that organized religion has put you through all the years you were in their jails. 
Kross May 27 '16
first of all welcome, but truly my friend, this would be quite an adventurous place for you to "look for Jesus". I never put my problems in his hands, he has holes in them..o.o'
ManxLoaghtan Member
ManxLoaghtan May 27 '16
Hi and welcome, Jesus needs you more ;) ...enjoy SIN . 
Satan's Helper
Satan's Helper May 28 '16
Lol thanks guys! I've always told the "believers" that the, biggest act of Witchery is a man whom bleeds out on a cross, and comes back to life 2 days later. 
Mikitz Jun 2 '16
Enjoy all the sc. 'sins' - within reason, obviously. And fuck Jesus. He was nothing more than a narcissistic dickhead, among all other cult leaders alike.
Troll Member
Troll Jun 14 '16
Dear Satan's Helper,

Welcome. I've arrived back just in time.

> Not!


> ...I need Jesus ...

> ...looking to connect with other reasonable folks on the left hand path,

That makes sense to me. Well met. I'm a gospel fan and really appreciated "Alternative Christs" by Olav Hammer.

> that think for themselves and Satanists too!

Peculiar language.

> journey, to convert to Satanism.

That seems like a stretch. How is it that Jesus wants you to do that? Do you have a personal relationship with the Saviour? What kind of a relationship do you think Jesus has with Satan? What kind do you want?

> ...positive community activism and to make some new friends.

I can recommend it. The Satanic Temple has some keen ideas. I scoped out pro-abortion politics and that looks really ripe, still.

Check out the Gospel of Satan. If you don't like churches then you may want to become more informed on Jesus as a focus of oral and written tales. There's a wealth out there and, as a spirit-guy, he's probably got little to nothing to do with what is promoted about him. My scripture (i like Jesus stories myself) has him as Satan's captive ally hero in the Underworld.


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