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Allison "Weird Al" Johnson
This is my first post. I read The Satanic Bible a few days after this past Christmas, so I know Im still pretty new to the LHP, Satanism,  occult...(just a mere 6 months ago). ...  Although,  I think Im one of those people who was born with  Satanic tendencies...I didn't know what this was. I've always been a loner, which is the way  I like it....I am kinda "odd"...tehe. I was a soccer player and diver in highschool.  For me, this was an outlet for frustrations I had toward human kind...I've never understood people....i was brought up Lutheran.  Church on Sunday mornings was torture. Sheer torture.  2 years in confirmation.  One year an acolyte. Can't wait to hear from other like-minded weirdos like myself!  


Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Jul 7 '16
Allison : Welcome home.  Drink and  enjoy the  waters of  Pazuzu,  they will help you to get strength to walk on this marvelous path of the occult ,  read all the blogs and posts which have been written by a variety of Satanists within this site  ( the bad ones just ignore them ) , they will help you to increase your knowledge,  do what you learn of the hidden misteries  and you'll become a Satanist with practical wisdom .  Remember,  Satanism is for the smartest, the strongest and the fearless,  therefore,  do not be afraid to swing in the deepest waters of the Abbys, you'll be rewarded. 
Allison "Weird Al" Johnson

thank you for the nice welcome. Yes, indeed....I have noticed the fearlessness, intelligence, and the strength of the Satanic mindset. I feel at home, yes! Many of us share a common personality: the dark humor, the ability to see thru and detect Bullshit. Many of us have been loners by choice. So, having this network is FUCKING AWESOME. 

Allison AKA Weird AL

Charles Jul 16 '16
"where's your will to be weird?" - James Douglas Morrison
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