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Kilili Jul 15 '16
Hi there! New to the site, just looking around at the moment. If I had to describe my path, I'd use words like Lucifer and Chaos, but nothing is fixed so I try to avoid labels. I am interested in meeting like-minded people, learning, exchanging, talking... I found my way onto the left hand path because someone told me not to go there (how could I resist, right?) and also through exploring my own experiences with the non-physical worlds. If all that sounds anything like your brand of crazy, I would love to talk to you. :)     
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Jul 19 '16
Hi Kilili, welcome to " S.I.N." not "SIN " ,  it's not hard to  explain,  I would like to sin, but this " S.I.N" doesn't aloud it, it isn't because of the nature of the  site,  but it is because of the borders and fences ,  all the ties the internet providers put on us. One day when all the #$@#$@#! $#@$ be broken because of our satanic presence  around the world,  all these chains to our freedom  to  sin will be totally cast out,  and we will be free to sin and truly  interac in this  so called " S.I.N." .  While that time comes,  will do  whatever it takes to open wide the doors of Hell for persons like you,  thanks for being part of this great proyect, feel welcomed. 
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