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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 2 '16
You all may have noticed the site keeps moving back and forth in time. We tried to update the site and it went down. We have back up files but some got over ridden by other back up files. Long story short everything post after the 21st of July is gone up until today. So EVERYTHING between July 21st- Aug 2nd was erased. We are all good now though. 
Owner/Admin Aug 2 '16

Quote from SatanFirst Hey Zach - since I live & breathe IT for a career - what is the issue you keep having with the upgrade? I would like to suggest you break down the upgrade into multiple smaller chunks and deploy each one in succession once the prior one is working.
Basically I tried to update to a newer version of the software we use ( Oxwall ) and it corrupted the site. Our host does auto backups so we reverted to the last known most recent file. Other than that I am not sure what happened nor why.

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