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Warlocktopus Aug 28 '16
Hey all,
I'm fairly new to Satanism, and I'm hoping this will be a place where I can learn more and make new friends, particularly in my area. I'm Canadian, originally from Nova Scotia but currently living and studying in Montreal.

I was basically raised Christian, though I've been teetering somewhere between agnosticism and atheism since I was a teen. When I read the Satanic Bible and then started following some of the stuff The Satanic Temple has been doing, it all seemed to jive with a lot of the things I already believed. I like the idea of Satanism as self religion based around secular and postmodern thought. I'm looking to expand my knowledge, so any book recommendations are welcome.

Oh, and I'm an art student, so I'll probably post some art here eventually, and I'd love to connect with other artists.

That's all I've got for now, ask me me anything else you wanna know about me or don't.

gamerguy666 Sep 1 '16
Hello and welcome, A LOT of people find satanism in the same way you did. I hope you find everything you're looking for here and more.
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Twstdpsycho Member
Twstdpsycho Sep 2 '16
I would reccomend "the happy satanist" cant remember who its by but its kind of a self help book for satanists and quite an interesting read.

Oh and welcome

AntiX Chapter Head
AntiX Sep 2 '16
Welcome to the group, I'm from Alberta, and you'll find a lot of like minded individuals here ;)

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Sep 4 '16
Hell-o Warlock : Welcome to this infernational site,  I'm from Scarborough,   Ontario .  On November 9, 2016,  the Satanic band "Ghost " will be performing at the  "Queen Elizabeth Theater " in Toronto,  if you would like to want to come , you will be very welcome,  my room is your room. I  live with some U of T students  , that's why I wrote 'my room is your room '. 

T.S.B. is a stoning-magical and marvelous book to get rid of some Christian mitthologies,  but there are other enlightened books in the "Library " section of this  Site.  I  found the book called " The history of the Devil and the idea of evil " to be very deep in the sense of cleaning up the garbage that  religions put into our minds when we were children. Anyway,  your very welcome,  keep reading and you'll become a Satanist of power,  but be yourself and you'll become Satanself. 

Warlocktopus Sep 4 '16
Thanks for the replies, happy to see some fellow Canadians here. :)

I'll be checking out the book recommendations given.

Bernardo, I'm not sure when I'll be in Toronto next, But I'll let you know if it's around the time of that show. Thanks!

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