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The Satanist
The Satanist Oct 5 '16
I have studied Satanism since the age of 17. Also studied Black Magic, the Occult. I am still learning, wanting to know more. I am a Down to Earth Guy (Pardon the Pun).
Shawn Oct 5 '16
Hi, nice to meet someone who didn't start at the cliche age of 13.

So, what's this black magic you speak of?
The Satanist
The Satanist Oct 6 '16
Mainly witchcraft form.

 I was a young naive idiot long ago, joined a Wicca group, just was not for me. I started reading some books, which I brought in a occult shop. You can only learn so much out of a book, and some ain't worth the bother. 
 And now, I write my own. I got to many journals, since i started writing at 22 yrs old. Now 43. Satanism philosophy was the main core of my experience, and practice. 
Meeting people in society, mainly the occult, and slowly my knowledge came together. I do not know everything, never will. I am still learning now. 
Satanism, has changed now, many newer forms and philosophy. And more groups.

Started at 13? Who started at 13? 

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