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anartchy Oct 7 '16
Does anyone have any experience with jehovah witnesses? There have been many many stereotypes set on them but most of them aren't true so if you have a clear knowledge on the religion you would understand.

I was born into the religion and I don't agree with the standards of which they live by but I do find the reasoning more logical than mainstream christians because they take everything from the bible and apply it in their life and do there best not to be hypocritical. I respect the religion because everyone deserves to have their own beliefs but I want no part in it. The bad part is, i'm not old enough to leave the house yet, however I know I am obligated to have my own opinions and views but they force me to go with them to church and they won't even put into thought that i won't. My parents are great people except for when it comes to religion. They have threatened that if i'm not a jehovah's witness when i'm older I won't be able to talk to them because we would have nothing in common, but i'm basically not supporting it now so what would be the difference?? I feel like they've drawn me away from religion and god but now i'm just trying to explore and gain knowledge on other beliefs and I have settled on exploring the natures of satan right now. I just wanted to see if anyone else is in a similar position with their parents or have any tips for me to get through or deal with the next 3 years before I can get the fuck out of this place. Also if you have any flaws in their religion/lifestyle that contradicts something of theirs I can bring to mind that would be great.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 8 '16
Anartchy :  Satanism is totally different  than the Jehovah's Witness organization,  but that organization preaches a lot of the satanic philosophy and their lives behind the Kingdom Halls are much worse than the satanists';  I don't want to dig in their life style,  I don't $#@/&$ care about it,  I used to know thousands of them, some good some bad apples. 

The organization of  Jehovah's Witness is cursed by their own Holy Scriptures,  it's written : "  ...don't do an addition and don't take anything away from the words sf the scrolls. .." (Book of Revelation  chapter 22 verses 18-19 ),  they have chopped in pieces the Holy  Bible,  they have their own  New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, they have changed a lot of puntuation  in their Bible to support their doctrines , they have added the word "Jehovah " in hundreds of places where that word doesn't exist in the originals especially in the New Testament or the Greek Scriptures as they call it.

They haven't seen  or hear God to say they are His  Witnesses , that's a big fat lie. 

They don't pay  tithes to pay their  ministers ,  but they keep insisting over and over to give offerings  ( money ),  all the baptized members have to contribute with an amount to support their superintendents permanent pioneers. 

They keep a lot of slaves  ( voluntary slavery ) in their printing shops  in different parts of the world, they discipline them as an army  ( they call them " Bethelites ".)

Their doctrines and prophesies are totally inaccurate;  they said that Jesus was returning to earth in 1914,  He didn't come,  then they said in 1919, He didn't come,  then they said in 1976-77, He didn't come.  That's completely against their Scriptures that says : " The day and the hour nobody knows,  just the Father in heaven " (Mathew  chapter 24 verse 36 ). 

There are a lot of books in  evangelical libraries  wich talk about the  wrong doctrines of the Jehovah's Witness,  obscourse  THEY ARE ENEMIES. 

If you are in the border of death,  and you need  blood transfusion,  any person whom you don't know will gladly give their blood for you to keep you alive,  but none of the Jehovah's Witness organization will give a single drop for you. That's for a misinterpretation of a verse in the Book of Acts in the Bible. 

There are to many things against the  doctrines of the Jehovah's Witness,  read the Bible with an open and a critical mind,  read The Satanic Bible,  close your mouth during these next 3 years,  after they are ended  join your voice with the fearless and dare ones the strong and brave  " I GAZE INTO THE GLASSY EYE OF YOUR FEARSOME JEHOVAH, AND PLUCK HIM BY THE BEARD; I UPLIFT A BROAD-AXE, AND APLIT OPEN HIS WORM-EATEN SKULL! ! ! "

If you're not a baptized person in the Jehovah's Witness organization,  they can't stop talking to you if you do something wrong,  if one day you decide to be baptized then YOU WILL BE F######$/$^$ BY THEM,  if not,  don't worry,  just live your life and enjoy it to its fullness,  be free,  ......exercise your free will. ...good luck and welcome to this Satanic Site. Uppppps I wrote to much.....


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