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TheBlitheringOne Nov 15 '16
Night fell and I got an email saying my account is approved. So here I am. I'm Jim. I'm 34. I'm a writer, musician, photographer, kinda lazy, funny if you like offensive humor, I've got a bunch of tattoos, my ears are gauged, have Asperger's Syndrome, and often lose train of thought and stare off into space for random amounts of time. 

How much do I type here? 

I'm a very loquacious person.

When did I get into Satanism? As a teenager. I was into Death Metal. My first show was Chalk, a local gore-core Rap group that was all about serial killer type stuff. My first big concert was Motley Crue. I bought a Shout at the Devil shirt with a big black pentagram on it. Wore it to school and everyone started treating me weird. I remember kinda throwing a quick hissy fit in class cuz I just felt strange. The girl next to me, a Satanist, looked over and said, "I like your shirt." It was her way of letting me know that people are judgmental fools...get used to it.

The first contact high I ever had was at a Deicide show. I was like 16.

I got a pentagram tattooed on my right ankle a few months before 6/06/06. In a weird way, I felt like I had got the tattoo before the cut-off date. That may not make sense to you.

Honestly, I've not met any Satanists since then. I mean: I met Alkaline Trio, but I don't know any Satanists. Misanthropy plagues me and screws with my Asperger's Syndrome. I'm a philosopher so I'm always teetering between certainty and uncertainty so I've spent time obsessed with Satanism and completely fed up with it. 

I know a bit about magick but find it hard to find the right books. I dated a witch or 2 but they were more about light than dark. I have prophetic visions/cogitations. When my brain is on overload, I can affect electricity but I can't control that affecting. 

Lots of people think I'm nuts and I don't tell people much. 

What kind of Satanist am I? 

I dunno. I really identify with Fantasy novels and how they present magick. I feel at-one with nature. I'm part Cherokee so I feel that side of things. If Satan is real, then it's been messing with me for years. I believe that Satan doesn't care about what I do so it's futile to ask it for anything. I'm more lost in philosophy. I can envision me starting a new school of Satanism but I know I'm too ignorant of magick to write about Satanism for now.

What do I want from this site?

Conversations. Discourse with people that will let me be intelligent and not try to outsmart me because they are terrified of accepting that others are smarter than them. I'm sick of arguing about everything. At this point, I'm single (hey ladies) but I'm also unemployed and completely lost...but I've felt that way for a long time. What I'm saying is that I'm not a catch. I'm probably not even a good candidate to be a friend but here I am putting myself out there. 

I guess that's it. For my books and music, Google:

books: Zachariah Bennet Douglas

music: Blithering Nincompoop or Vernacular Monkey or Stolen Shoes on the Beaten Path


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