Satanism from (in) Belgium - Belgique
Un groupe pour ceux qui suivent de près ou de loin la Left hand path en Belgique. Een groep, voor wie goed of verreweg volg de Linkerhand pad in België.
12 members
(East) Los Angeles Satanists
Satanists within the East Side of Los Angeles please feel free to join this group if you live in the surrounding areas. We will look to get at least 10 volunteers to each of our meetup events. I launched this initiative for a  couple different reasons:  •Provides an opportunity for good p...
12 members
Sailors, soldiers, marines, airmen and veterans
This will be a group for active duty/ reservist/ veteran and military retirees from all branches of service enlisted and officer alike.<br /> Please include your branch and duty station. Stolen valor will be met with the offender being exposed as the asshat they are.<br /> Semper forti...
10 members
North Carolina Satanists
anybody living in North Carolina. Specifically Raleigh.
11 members
Freethinkers of the Dirty South Nashville Tenneseee
For anybody in the Mid South area to meet like minded individuals for communication, networking, and gatherings of all types of debauchery!
11 members
Satanic International Network-Phoenix,AZ
Hailsa & Ave! This is for Satanists of all paths, and who reside in Phoenix, Arizona, or the West/East Valley areas. As we grow, we'll have meetups, rituals, outings, camping trips, and what have you.
10 members
S.I.N. Baltimore Md Chapter
This group is for all Satanists in the Baltimore vicinity. Feel free to post events, and hang outs. Let's get together and raise some hell!
10 members
SIN Sydney/Australia chapter
keeping the aussies informed
10 members
Calling Ontario Satanists
For Ontario based Satanists to meet, develop friendships and discuss knowledge and experiences involving Satanism of any kind. Don't be shy!
10 members
Atheistic Satanist Meet Up - Republic of Ireland
This group is for those with an interest in sharing philosophies about satanism, sharing knowledge and helping others grow on their journey down the left hand path. Meets ups, beer and just plain fun. Helping the community grow in our small Isle.  
10 members
Satanic National Socialist Group
Are you a son or daughter of Satan that sees Satan as father of the land/reich?  Do you desire to find other Satanists of National Socialism?  Come join this political group with inclusion of the GBLT, all races, and nationalities!   Must follow rules of the site.
9 members
Deutschsprachige Satanisten
Da es wohl keine entsprechende Gruppe gibt, gründe ich hier mal eine.
10 members
Temple of Kaos
The Temple of Kaos is a cabal of people who follow the Anti-Cosmic Thought of Satanism, through the practice of Chaosophy.
10 members
Inland Empire Satanists Bookclub
Are you located in or visiting the Inland Empire area of California? If so, think about discussing your beliefs and favorite Satanic readings with like-minded individuals at local IE spots.  We meet in public locations for the safety of the group, as well as to attract others who may be curio...
9 members
Aeon Satanas
Wir sind ein theistischer satanischer Orden im deutsch-sprachigen Raum, der sich ausführlich mit Satanismus, Okkultismus, Magie, Spiritualität und schwarzen Kräften beschäftigt. Wir glauben an Satan und seine Macht über uns, die uns zu stärkeren, höher entwickelten Individuen der Gesellschaft...
9 members
S.I.N. Central Illinois
Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria and beyond. Meet others and hail Satan around the area!
8 members
New England LHP
Anyone from the New England area
7 members
anti-cosmic current
for learning and for sharing information, literature, music and art
8 members
Svenska Satanistkyrkan
Svenska Satanistkyrkan (The Swedish Satanist Church) is a re-established society for Swedish satanists, which wants to be an open hub for satanists in Sweden regardless of what tradition they consider to belong. Please like us on facebook....
8 members
Satanic Michigan
Any and all satanists that lives in Michigan are welcome to join this group and post what ever as long as abiding to sin guidelines and is related to the topic of satanism and fellowship, more so this group is to start friendships and relationships as well as start covens.  Have fun and Hail Sa...
8 members

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