Leavenworth Kansas satinists
We accept satanist/Luciferins of all types,sects,and paths. We are located in Leavenworth Kansas.   
8 members
Satanists for TRUMP!
This group is not only for those Satanists and other people on the network that support Trump but also for people that refuse to get caught up in the trigger happy media frenzy anti-Trump SJW liberal hysteria. And for that I must ' grab em by the pussy ' . 
7 members
Western Washington State
For people living in the Pacific North West Washington State, people of the coast. Discuss ideas, meet-ups, or anything else relevant to the Satanic International Network and the camaraderie that comes with. 
7 members
Wanha Vihtahousu - Satanists/Devil worshippers Finland
People from Finland, people interested in the Finnish Devil figure, people interested in Finnish folklore & myths in general. You are all welcome to join.
7 members
Alabama Satanists
Satanists living in Alabama
7 members
Tennessee Satanists
This group is for anyone in the state of Tennessee.
7 members
NJ Satanists
This is a group for the Satanists of New Jersey
6 members
Upstate NY Satanist
For the upstaters who want to get together
6 members
This is an attempt to meet some other like minded people that live in or around the city.
6 members
Salt Lake City, Utah
 Utah Satanist, I would like to meet up with you
6 members
South Florida SIN Chapter
Looking to get this chapter going. If you live ANYWHERE in South Florida please join. Contact point is Richard. 
6 members
Temple of Baphomet South Florida
This group is for those in South Florida who worship, want to worship, or learn more about Baphomet. We practice sex magick rituals individually and as a group to connect more intimately with Baphomet and ourselves. Please join us to help grow our energy and create a Temple for Baphomet in South Flo...
6 members
Portuguese Speakers Satanists
Um grande Olá a você satanista brasileiro, português, cabo verdiano e demais países falantes de português.Esse grupo foi criado no intúito de nos unirmos e compartilharmos de nossa ideologia de forma a que todos se entendam e possam crescer juntos.Que Satan cresça a cada dia em nós até nos tornamos ...
6 members
Satanists of Oklahoma, USA.
Looking for like minded Satanists from OKC, Norman, etc. 
4 members
Dutch Satanists
This group is here to connect Dutch Satanists. This means both those in the Dutch speaking area's, as well as anyone speaking Dutch Dus welkom. Geniet ervan. Laten we met elkaar de goede gesprekken vinden, contacten leggen, wellicht eens samen iets ondernemen, ons verwonderen over en leren van onze...
5 members
Rhode Island
A group for those who live in the ocean state.
5 members
5 members
S.I.N Charlotte Meet-Up
This is a Satanic meet-up group for all those of the Left-Hand Path in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding areas. This will serve as the foundation of a future chapter of S.I.N. Hail Satan!! \m/
5 members
Satanic Lancashire UK
For anyone from the Northwest of England and bordering counties too, or anyone really, even if you just like Lancashire or went there once.
5 members
Greek Satanists
This group is for all the Greeks who follow the Satanic philosophy and the Satanic way of life.
5 members

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