LHP in France
A group for French Satanists and like-minded individuals / Groupe pour satanistes français et assimilés
5 members
Dallas/fort worth satanic magick
This group is self explained...  Any satanist from Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas feel free to join my group.  I am looking to meet up with others also and talk knowledge or form relationships (sexual or non-sexual). Power lies within numbers,  so let us join together. 
5 members
Las Vegas
 Looking for like minded people seeking "truth" and "proof of it" , not interested in the stereotypical Hollywood propaganda lost souls rather intelligent seekers of knowledge.
5 members
Virginia satanists
For those who live in the state of Virginia 
5 members
Swedish Satanists
For us in Sweden with satanic beliefs or proclivities. 
5 members
Central Valley of California
Fresno of California Devil Worshipers looking to get together.
4 members
Philosophers of SIN
  A place to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, experiences and knowledge.   A place for anyone to come to talk about anything.   A place for those that enjoy asking questions although there isn't always an answer. There is no absolute here.
3 members
Brisbane, Aus -
Big ups, Satanic folks of Brisbane, Australia! Join the damn group! + Be merry! = Easy! Ave!
4 members
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
For those drawn to Darkness in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.
4 members
New Jersey Chapter
i would like this to be an open forum for people from new jersey to share ideas and possibly meet with one another in either public or private settings. 
4 members
S.I.N. Chapter of Springfield, Missouri
Springfield has a chapter now. If you live in Springfield or would like to drive to Springfield from another city or state and would like to meet up, let me know. I am from the Temple of the Imperial Order and I have been appointed and approved for chapter head by Zach Black himself. A secret Facebo...
4 members
Satanic Communists
For Communists and free-thinkers alike.
4 members
For like minded people who live in ms
4 members
American Indian Satanists
For those who can prove you are American Indian descent. You do not need a CDIB card or have tribal citizenship, but that helps! No blood quantum required.  Must have photographic or other proof such as location or whatever else I deem fit. I have expertise in this matter. If you are of the lef...
4 members
Satanic Circle of Kentucky
This group is for Satanists, who live or are from (born) in kentucky.
4 members
Northeast Kentucky Satanists
This group is intended for LaVeyan Satanists located in Northeast Kentucky.
4 members
Klamath Falls, Oregon
This group is for all Satanists and spiritualists who want to learn or help teach more about what it truly means to be a Satanist.
4 members
Satanismo BR - Satanistas do Brasil
Para satanistas do Brasil For satanists from Brazil
4 members
Faroe Islands Satanist
Um tú ert frá Føroyum
3 members
Kansas City metro
Open to all KC residents
3 members

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