French professional journalist specialized in counter-cultures. I'm currently writing my first book for a big independent publisher and I'm: libertarian, antitheist, ultra-rationalist, nihilistic, transhumanist, social Darwinist, elitist, childfree, high IQed, INTP and a bit of a poet in my spare time.
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Main interests: Left-Hand Path (theistic/atheistic/antitheistic Satanism, Luciferianism, Thelema, Chaos Magick, Vampyrism, Discordia, etc) • 'Cults', 'sects' and 'religions' — as if they were any different ;-) • Secret societies and conspiracy theories (the weirder, the better) • Nihilistic, antitheistic, social Darwinist, misanthropic and/or libertarian philosophy • Astrophysics, cosmology, space exploration and (from a skeptic perspective) ufology • Bioethics (cloning, eugenics, synthetic biology, euthanasia, assisted suicide, etc) • Human embodiments of Evil, whether real (serial killers, mass murderers, war criminals, etc) or fictional (snuff movies) • Military and weaponry • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence • Cognitive science and high IQ societies • Scorpions and Scorpios • Computers and PC videogames (M-rated FPS', TPS' and RPGs) • Music (metal in the widest meaning of the word, including punk and hardcore, but with a strong leaning for black, death, pagan, DSBM, funeral doom and occult rock) • Cinema (preferably R- or NC17-rated thriller, war, horror and sci-fi movies).
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