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I come from fine Sicilian/Celtic stock. I'm a bit eccentric so I have a pretty wide range of interests like Motorcycles, Motorcycle clubs, Art, Nature, Firearms, My family, Good quality knives, History, Expanding Consciousness, Camping, Ancient cultures/Religions, Physics, Hiking, Quantum Mechanics, Reading, Vedic History, Tattoos, Piercing., and will try almost anything twice. I'm a retired member (14 years) of a motorcycle club where I held the office of "Warlord". I prefer spending most of my free time in nature. Hiking, camping, bushcraft, hunting, anything that gets me out of the cancer of urban sprawl.
I've been working for several years on developing a new religion that is a Non-theistic memeplex, (a collection of mutually supporting and overlapping concepts, lifestyles, worldviews, and philosophies.) of traditions called keltanism (nothing to do with the Celts, name is made up of 3 words). It is very similar to Atheistic Satanism so I am here to gain knowledge and understanding of the Left Hand Path to better integrate it in and strengthen the development of Keltanism. If you want to help me with creation of Keltanism or just want to know more about me just ask.
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