Belial Satanas 666
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Aug 30 '20
From SJ NB and looking for friends too. I dont know any Satanist offline


  • created a new blog post
    Zenarith L. Morningstar
    In the year 1990, a comet flew across the sky... The trail of fire following it was hissing the names of all those loved by the Morningstar.
    In Janua...
    Nov 3 '20
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  • replied in forum topic
    about "coming out"
    So my family and the majority of my friends are all into the "G"od shit. I can't pretend to even understand that.  They hear the word "satan" an...
    I'm 29... I grew up in a Religious Family, and if I had told my step father at 15 I was a Satanist h...
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    Nov 3 '20
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  • posted a forum topic
    Theistic Satanist -- Demonic Library
    Hey. I noticed this website has a library built in, but I have a similar website for Books on the Occult and Satanism... As you have said, "We have t...
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    Canadian Satanists
    Canadian Satanists
    A group where Canadian's can find each other on the site in a more straight forward manner. I haven't been a member for very long, but I am having tro...
    Total users: 38
    Berardo Rodriguez
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    Canadian Theistic Satanists
    Welcome.My name is Zenarith Morningstar and I follow the Right Hand Path Theistic Satanist.
    I am fully aware of the Devil(s) under the Earth, walking...
    Feb 17 '20
    We welcome you to our humble home!
    Feb 17 '20
    Thanks : )
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  • --Planning AoS Satanism and the Website/Book to inspire it.--
  • posted a forum topic
    [Hiring] Satanic Graphics Artist for a couple of Projects
    Hello everyone, I am currently writing a book about my branch of Satanism, and I am planning a Website to back it up. I am looking to hire someone ...
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  • posted a forum topic
    Zenarith Morningstar Joining S.I.N.
    Hello everyone, my name is Zenarith Morningstar. I am 29 from Canada. I have been a Satanist for 3-4 Months now. I have joined Satanism in the pa...
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