First off, My name is Charles Benjamin Clifton, Second, as you can see on my Profile I am a Eclectic Satanist, I take things from other paths, and form it on my own. I take things from Asatru, Druidry, Buddhism, and other Pagan/Old Spiritualistic Philosophies, and form it into my own path. Many people will ask me Why do you worship Satan or call yourself a Satanist? Well my answer to that question is that I do not believe in a conscious Deity or Deities, I believe in a force greater than us, like Gravity for example, but its not a conscious life force. I use a blend of Different Philosophies to fit my own Beliefs. Then why do I call myself a Satanist? How does Satan come in to play? These are the questions people will ask me. I respond with this answer, The word Satan is Hebrew for Adversary or op poser. The Judeo-Christian Church deemed all alternate philosophies "Evil" and labeled them as "Satanist". I use Satan as an overall belief system, representing the Cardinal Nature of mankind and Elevating and Empowering Humanity to reach equality to "The Gods" The Gods, represents The Seven Chakras within ourselves.
In my opinion that means to find yourself and to strive to better yourself.


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  • First off, My name is Charles Benjamin Clifton, Second, as you can see on my Profile I am a Eclectic...
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May 30 '16
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