Infernal Malcontent

A song I finished this week. Done using Garageband on my Ipad and a generic mic for the vocals. 

The Wall

Panick Member
Apr 30 '17
It's a full time job just staying alive.
Hard to be honest when I blatantly lie.
Tomorrow's not promised, might wake up and die.
But that couldn't be me, not saying that I
Would be the one cashing in when the chips are down,
close my ears to a frightening sound
Oh shit, did I just say that out loud?
Hard to hear myself think with all the voices around.
Look into my eyes, what's really inside.
Will I self destruct, cause a billion to hide.
From the rage that occurs when we nearly collide.
If it's destiny did I really decide?
At the end of the night, when there's no where to flee
and the covers won't keep it away from me.
when I close my eyes, it invades my dream
'til my mind's nearly lost in a silent scream.
“some one help me, please!” I cry out to black
and my echo's the only voice that answers back.
My unanswered plea, means I'm on my own,
in this hell of mine,I guess I walk alone.
As the fog dissipates, My answer becomes clear,
My only hope lies with the man in my mirror.
“Am I worthy?” He answers a resounding “yes”
“Despite the trials in life, you've always passed the test.”
“But what of God?” I ask “There's none worthy yet.
Forget 'em all and live your life with no regret.
The only god that exists lives behind your eyes,
For within is where your true strength lies.
Win or lose, you've always landed on your feet,
Done whatever it takes to stay up off your knees.
Forced to overcome in the midst of defeat,
So in the end even Death will call you a cheat."

Pride comes before the fall
Will you answer the call?

That which doesn't kill in spite of the pain
Leaves its scars inside of the brain.
Skewing perception in sight of the plain.
Destroying all that might've remained.
Burned to ash in the light of the flame,
So that the Phoenix might rise up again.
Quickening my stride to fight off the lame.
Exorcizing the demons that drive me insane.
Are you wondering what going on with my lyrics?
How the subtlety of this song that your hearing,
How Suddenly there's doubt that's appearing,
Over sacred beliefs that're now disappearing?
I'm an adverse devil, not the form of an angel,
Illuminating lies before that have plagued you.
That deity known more as "the lord" did create you
Gave his human son that was born just to save you
From what? Sin? Are we at it again?
Weren't all these holy scriptures just written by men?
People just like me with a pad and a pen?
Mental slavery is what's happening.
"Open your eyes, ye of mildewed minds."
Be free from the ones who instilled your binds
"Dead hands wrote the books that're filled with lies,
So your potential wouldn't materialize.
Fables that've sat too long on the throne
Like how Adam and Eve we're spiritually disowned
making humanity deserve fire and brimstone
So we're all guilty through no fault of our owners
"Dip your forefinger in the watery Blood
Of the impotent, mad, redeemer" that claimed to be god.
Write on his thorn torn brow, "all this is fraud"
And send him to the land that time forgot.
It's a full time job just staying alive.
Hard to be honest when I blatantly lie.
Tomorrow's not promised, might wake up and die.
But that couldn't be me, not saying that I
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By Panick
Added Apr 30 '17


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