Satanists for Trump

i DID A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT about a year ago and started simply posting picture of Trump and dropping his name here and there yet without ever talking about his policies or anything political. Within 6 months so many liberal triggered ' Satanists' un-friended me , stopped following , unsubscribed ect. 

I was actually surprised that so many ' open minded ' Satanists would be so easily influenced by popular social climates and emotionally plagued anti -Trump groups that they would actually start disliking me even though I never expressed a single opinion about Trump. I watched people lose their minds and pick fights with me about Trump and get hotheaded. Amazing. I NOW suport Trump simply because he makes trigger happy weak minded people come unglued and he is a asshole who likes to troll. I am still waiting on that wall though Trump. I do like 20 minutes from Mexico. 

So I made a video asking for other Satanists who support Trump to submit pics. The turn out was surprisingly well. 


The Wall

Sep 18 '18
Fundamentally I do agree with you here. Where I differ, though, is that I'm more of a fan doing the wrong things for the right reasons. A good example, for instance, pirating ridiculously over-priced text-books. The whole "information wants to be free" way of thinking is something I'm 120% on-board with.

Another good example: you basically fed the homeless despite explicitly being told not to. It's a sort of ethos above ethos that you have going on there.And for me, I think that's more or less the gist of being "beyond good and evil". To see the world for what it is, comprehend the litanies of shalt and shalt-nots, and man-up accordingly - often in spite of them. This sort of where "Luciferians" get a pass and the C/S gets a frown. I don't speak for anyone but me, but if laws and regulations violate your conscience, then break or ignore them. That's the only sane thing to do.

If politcal corectness and/or having to tip-toe around sensibilites is fringing on tyranny (and it is) that's just all the more reason to push-back. There are some cases where both maliciousness and offensiveness is warranted and necessary. Calling it, whatever it is, "Satanism" is wildly offensive to great number of people. It's supposed to be. Sure, there are some places you can get away with it with impuity but not everywhere. Some people still take it as an insult and a personal attack. Usually the blacks. Those conversations never go well for me. I've been beat with purses on more than a few occasions. It's an afront to an entire parasitic value-system. To excessive compassion and charity. To pity. To the welfare state. To people who really aren't "about" or "do" anything at all.

What I like about Trump is this:

1) he is actually doing a good job. A great one with the only thing that matters: prosperity. Stocks have never been higher. And sure he gets his lulz the same way I or anyone else with an omnivious sense of humor does, which is

2) offending the types of people he manages to offend. And frequently.

3) he failed A LOT. And still managed to climb to the top in spite(!) of themselves. You want to run a system? That's what it takes. Don't believe me. Fine. Look your favorite athelite. What they do is persevere. They don't cling to things like "justice" or "fairness" or even "laws". They play the game and know it is fixed well enough to cheat.

It, "Satanism" in my opinion, is the same poison or plague just in a curative or corrective dosage.

I'm still wondering how many of those who pledged to leave the country if he got elected are still here. I think all of them are, and that speaks to a lot of things. Namely, how short attention spans have become. That's what is worth paying attention to. That's gotten real bad pretty quick. Everything else is just noise and distraction until fresh water is suddenly "not a basic human right"... after that, some super inappropriate decisions are going to be made. This is just the prep-work. It's hated, but we can't seem to function without it.
Fundamentally I do agree with you here. Where I differ, though, is that I'm more of a fan doing the wrong things for the right reasons. A good example, for instance, pirating ridiculously over-priced ...See more
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By Zach Black
Added Sep 18 '18

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