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So back when I was in school, I used to get fucked with a lot because of how different I was. I mean I look like any high school metal head. Except my hair was never black, only red. Yeah I wore tripp pants every now and then but that was mainly during colder months.

Well anyways, I was sitting in class with a friend practicing Arabic. I really wanted to use my multi-language skill at that time to get a scholarship. And here's the thing, I was one of the school's heavy weight power lifters, (I used to do squat, bench, and dead lift 220 lbs). And I was sitting there, going over flash cards with a friend when a bunch of this 80-90 lbs females with enormous bows, bit ass obnoxious crosses, (I lived in Texas) and everyone except maybe 5-7 of us in the school were not Baptists. 

Now with the swing of an arm I could have easily hurt these females. Because I also played softball. About 4-5 of them started dumping water on me, and beating the shit out of me with these fucking bibles. Now as this is going threw my head, I could 2 things:

First: Just fucking loose it. Every one wants to call me the "Red Diablos" Fine. I will show them Red Diablos. 

Second: Let them, because I know the type of damage I could easily so on their very tiny bodies if I just swung my arms and hit them to the point of knocking them out with one hit.

OR.... Or the third option: Grabbing the leaders wrist, I squeezed her wrist making her fall to her knees. In a calm but firm voice I reminded them that at that time I was Catholic. And that I was practicing a language to go to a better school than the stupid fucking Christian College that the high school wanted me to go to. And that next time they hit me or even so much came near me, that I was going to make the Satan himself proud with what I was going to do with their bodies and souls. Needless to say, they never ever did that again.

I ended up moving schools because we moved back to Colorado. Now being back in Colorado Springs, I didn't really run into that problem again. And thats when I realized that so many tiny towns, and small communities really make it difficult for most people when they are trying to not only find out who they are, but what they are. 

Am I saying all tiny communities are like this? No, no I am not. But what I am saying is this: people suck and they are quick to blame anything on Satan, or another language that is just being used to open new doors into one's life.

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Brother Shamus
Jun 24 '20
Just alpha-animal shit. High schools are like mammals that live in small groups, take seals.

They actually have something similar to school, in that the juveniles of the same season will 'grow up together', most sea mammals actually.

Even seals outcast the "runt". This is biological recognition of an "inferior specimen" in the wild it's an organic eugenic thing.

And UNFORTUNEATELY for every weird kid out there this translates as ostrasizing what is not like the others. The popularity eugenics of stratification for a society of mindless sheep is of course striving to be the best at being like everyone else.

Another unfortuneate behavioral trait of juvenile mammals is cruelty. Chemical releases like adrenaline to encourage predatory behavior. Wild juvenile orcas are the most sadistic I have learned about. Just imagine if humans went and found a crippled kid and threw him around in a circle and then took turns inflicting lethal blows... wait...

The reward of social acceptance is a mechanism as ingrained as any survival instinct, as fucked up as mammals make it.

Luckily, if you give children enough diversity indoctrination you can teach them to outcast people based on their character and not noticeable differences.
Just alpha-animal shit. High schools are like mammals that live in small groups, take seals.

They actually have something similar to school, in that the juveniles of the same season wi...See more
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