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I am a typical "Goldwater Moderate".  I grew up in wacky do-your-own thing libertarian Arizona and the moderate politics of the state rubbed off.   While I'm still not a fan of Trump's further right policies, I will say this: 

This country needs a Trump reelection.  Not because he's right for the job; because he's right for the people, ALL OF THEM, even those that hate him. 

Imagine that. Against all odds "The Great Silent Majority" (I swear another presidential incumbent called upon that) sweeps him into a second term.  "Sacrafice". And wouldn't you know it registration is the highest it's ever been.  Record breaking. Texas, Ohio, Georgia... You name it. The silent majority is getting ready. 

Which way will they go? 

Down 8 in the polls currently, but he was down 12 last time.

Who remembers this:

Seems like ancient history with the lemmings all hopping on Team Pelosi and taking their spite out on the democratic process.  Never has any sitting president been so opposed in their office by vindictive politicians with the only priority getting back at them for taking away their hope to follow up the hope.  

It was supposed to go, "First a black President, then a woman president", and Country Club Old Money took it from them, rode a bull economy, and did a fairly descent job to those paying attention. He even managed to pull off many of his campaign promises.  And his supporters quite liked him telling China to f* off and picking tariff tiffs with the Canadians.  

And whether or not you support it, THOSE are the things he's done with his presidency.  

But that's not important, because this is the snowflake twitter generation. Hashtag simple. Basic. 

The anger exhibited by a college aged millenials is like watching Hitler youth salute their master. Only it's a fist, a fuck the police, and a want so bad to say they were part of some social movement of change they don't see the s*** peddled to get their attention and support.   Snakes of implanted beliefs, and a spin to provoke the wishy washy herd minded idealism that elected Hitler chancellor and instilled revolucion in Latin America. 

And while that goes both ways, politically, The right has never been the side to violently protest, at least post 1900.  

Socio-political change comes from the left. 

But lately... 

It's hysteria. It's media driven. It's Facebook driven. It's another social meme that disposes hate with hate.  A herd with a herd. 

But it's ok because it's only hate of fascists.  And people that don't share your progressive ideology so much  that the judeochristian mindset of "You must think like me" takes hold and perspective flies out a morally righteous window.

With The NAACP, college tuition, and droves of people lining up to help the upstanding black kid succeed he only loses if he aspires to be a balla', and that's only when the line of work catches up.  

Yes black lives matter and moreso on a sliding scale of how disadvantaged they are.  

What if I was to say, "George Floyd deserved it, as would my white *** if I did the same thing"? 

This is crocodile tear hysteria, one so pressurized and ready to burst you can get reported to the fingermen of social justice if you dare say, "Maybe the cop wasn't racist and the guy was just an intoxicated jack*** that didnt want to go to jail?"

But what of the racists? These horrid folk that impede your progressive ideologies? 

What? The ones not on hillbilly heroin knocking back confederate recipe moonshine? The stupid impressionable DOC kids? There is an increasingly disparaging list of stereotypes of those classied as "White Supremacists", such as breeding like Clevon in the movie Idiocracy. 

Heritage *and* congenital defects not Hate! 

Not really the greatest threat to you or anyone... at most just more victims or rampant ignorant belief. 

They can fly their rebel flag and you can wipe your tears with a rainbow one. 

They have a right to exist so long as they don't advocate violence (legally). And run the risk of losing everything if they do. This country can have people that think things you don't like and you just have to deal with it.  They can think as xenophobic as they want. They can hate whomever they want. They can fly a Nazi flag alongside the antifa ones protesting them and no-one can stop each-other.  

And that's why a Trump reelection is a good thing. 

We, as a country (planet), need that riot. The country needs the angry riot of twice disenfranchised youth taking to streets in violent protest like someone else's ideology is the most destructive thing in their lives.  The mass the overflowing vitriol has created needs to implode. Whether a Trump reelection or Derek Chauvin being acquitted (very unlikely).

The breakdown of society will happen through rampant slave morality. A society of Zarthustras Apes, the alleged Ubermencsh sparypainting ACAB on banks, or donning the combat boots of a Leftover Crack fan and taking back the suburbs like a progressive liberal punk rocker. 

It's like the hippies with Facebook instead of LSD.

And if you know of things that happened before 1990, you'd know how the election is gonna play out. Happy trails smiling all the way to 1972. 

And this is good for everyone prone to viral outrage and resulting slave ideologies.  It just looks like the left is gonna be the ones to break it open and (hopefully) bring about the armageddon of moral indignation.  

But only if Trump wins.

Just get the pseudo-civil war over with...

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The Wall

Aug 22
A Trump reelection would do some good.

What he has done is shaking things up.
A something which was desperatly needed.
Biden, the current Presidential candidate for the Democrats, stands no chance.

In a sense, Trump has done a major service to the world economy. He has shown bluntness and voiced straight facts to get shit done.

He also followed through. He does not backpeddle.
I like to refer to the recent example of USPS. He voiced to be against in-mail voting. He refuses to comply with demands of additional funding because of this reason. Country in total melt-down. Anti-Trumpers spewing profanities and non-sensical theories about unfairness to the Democrats while being oblivious to the fact the majority of his own voters also rely on in-mail voting.

I wish he sticks around for another 4 years.
A Trump reelection would do some good.

What he has done is shaking things up.
A something which was desperatly needed.
Biden, the current Presidential candidate for the ...See more
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Aug 28
All Hail Discordia. (Odds update)
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Aug 28
Biden Implied Probability of winning = 53.2%
Trump Implied Probability of winning = 51.4%

* Note in 2016 on election week Trump's Vegas odds were +550, or a 15.3% implied probability to Clinton's -900 or 90% implied probability.

** implied percentages need not = 100%
Biden Implied Probability of winning = 53.2%
Trump Implied Probability of winning = 51.4%

* Note in 2016 on election week Trump's Vegas odds were +550, or a 15.3% implied proba...See more
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By Brother Shamus
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