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- Prologue -

This was written a few years ago when I was in the process of learning about and formulating this shit myself; quite honestly upon rereading, parts of it did make me cringe, although I suppose there is some good in it.

Psychoactives were used prior to writing much of the time and quite often I was out of my fucking mind; not much has changed.

- End Prologue -

General Mysticism :

Cast me to the Abyss; I will reemerge when the conditions are right, eternity is my savior, always.

There are several interpretations of the Abyss. It can be looked at as a separation or lacuna dividing reason and mysticism, or perhaps order from divine chaos. The title of Da'ath is Knowledge. This is an indication that there is a requirement of specific knowledge to bridge the gap between lower creation and upper divinity. The gap or lacuna that separates these is the Abyss. It conceals; separates. In any event the result is in most cases an untraversable obstacle where mundane methods of advancement, or rational thinking fail. Mysticism is a bridge to divine truth, reason is not, and only relates to finite sequences with limited scope.

The Tree Of Life :

In the Tree of Life the Abyss is known as Da'ath - the invisible sephirah. For those unfamiliar it is a two syllable word pronounced: Da ut, which will get you fairly close. The god name is Jehova Elohim(Ye ho va; El oh heem), archangel Uriel(Er eye al) and there are also associated winged serpents who may serve as guardians of the Abyss, e.g., HGA - Holy Guardians (Of The) Abyss.

Cosmology :

For a more visually engaging experience and understanding of the initial process pertaining to the creation of the Abyss, you may imagine the initial expansion of the primordial point(Kether) which occurred at luminal/superluminal speeds from the source; then slowing all throughout the formative processes of Yetzirah. The result being far greater distances that separate the initial cause from the following seven spheres and ultimately the current effects(us). Creation continues to expand into nothingness until bedtime as part of the eternal process.

- End -

Much of the time when I come here I ignore the writing and just listen to music so an effort is made to put up decent tracks with a little redundancy here and there appearing to be unavoidable.

These two tracks come to mind in reference to the 'Abyss' although that would be more akin to Deep Silents' little sister, and as for the latter, I can't imagine why.

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By Cornelius Coburn
Added Feb 19



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