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There are two areas of concern for which we should care; one more so than the other. The physical realm and the metaphysical/astral plane(s).

I do not believe we are physical beings living in a one-time trapped life here to pass into nothingness. I assert that we are strictly spiritual beings enclosed within this weak physical carcass, governed by the weaknesses of the mind which is controlled by our spiritual conscienceness; the soul. Our spirit will live on beyond the residual echoes of our will (ie: ghosts). We are more than that.

THE BODY:The necessity to care for our physical body promotes the health of the organs to permit successful workings through being well rested, physically strong, and mentally alert. Our bodies are the weakest part of our being, but through rigorous exercise and proper diet, we will chase away tiredness, slothfulness, and other distracting aspects of the body which only exist to weaken us. We all know how to care for our bodies. We know what we should and shouldn't eat. We all know at least basics of exercise. We have all the required tools to feed our knowledge base to grow in this area; the internet. Don't allow your body to bottleneck your most important work; spiritual practice. The stronger the body, the stronger the mind.

THE MIND:The care of our body has an effect on our mind. By adhering to the above, our mind will then become the bottleneck to our being. Strengthen the mind by reading the appropriate grimoires, philosophy books, and academic materials. Increase the proficiency of your mind through thought provoking exercises such as playing chess and studying computer simulated 'best moves', playing music and integrating a more technically sound creative melody by adding such ideas as note skipping, arpeggios, 5th and 7th notes, etc. Find ways to create mind-blowing experiences which open new creative doors of possibilities. This type of expansion of the mind exponentially increases strength. Don't allow your mind to bottleneck your most important work; spiritual practice. The stronger the mind, the stronger the spirit.

THE SPIRIT:Our spirit is the only eternal part of the self we have. Everyone has spirit and uses the strength of the spirit. When athletes show to 'have heart', they are actually pushing forward propelled by their conscience efforts with spirit. When someone is fighting for their life in the hospital, the only way to survive is to not allow their spirit to be broken. This is us. This is who we are. Meditate, ritualize, concentrate. When everything else in this world passes, we will be spending an eternity with only our spirits left of what we have here. Dedication of life should be in the pursuit of the betterment of the self, the spirit...

TO THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE:To embody the highest of LHP progressive principals: the greatest form of advice I could give came from a man much wiser than me. I'm a big fan of quotes as others who came before me once said it best:-"Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". ~ Mahatma Gandi-If one were to live their life by this quote, our [both theists and atheists of the LHP] actions would be the same although our beliefs would be different. This is one of the reasons I pull to all LHP practitioners in the spectrum. Our methods are similar but with differing perspectives. Keep strong, don't give way to those things which don't matter. Be what you visualize as your apotheosis. Hail and farewell!

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By Infernal Acumen
Added Oct 3


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