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This is my take-away from what Charles Manson said in his interview. What are your thoughts?

1) The happiness doesn't come from everything we have or could have, but from our state of mind. We are only as free as our mind allows us to be.


2) We will be going through changes, whether we want to or not. We will be forced by the ongoing of life to change. We might as well choose the changes we wish to undergo. We need to make change.


3) People are too concerned with doing things they don't want to do instead of doing what they want to do. We spend our life in servitude of impressing others, doing as others command of us, instead of leading ourselves through our own lives.


4) When people don't understand us, they will do whatever they can to take action against us in retaliation for being that which they don't favor. People will justify these things to themselves to keep their little bubble of happiness safe and in tact. Don't deviate from society, even if you are right, because it's that society who judges whether or not you are right. De facto/ De juro.


5) How many people is our government responsible for forcing onto ventilators (through the development of manmade diseases), jamming pills down their throat (or shots into their arms), and killed? Look at what society has done to create and empower the government we have to enforce such things.


6) Society sows seeds and expects everyone else to collectively reap the rotting fruits. Even if they didn't plant them. Terrible decisions are made to create monsters. When the monsters act like monsters, society acts appalled. As if society is nothing but model citizens doing the right thing at all times and making the best decisions.

It is non-sensical to create a monster and not expect a monster to act like a monster. Society is to blame for the seeds they sow. Individuals are to blame for the seeds they sow.


7) We aren't responsible for anyone else actions other than our own actions. If only that could be more valued in today's society.


8 ) If we focused more on what actually mattered instead of false hopes and living a fake life, we may actually find fulfillment in the life we are attempting to escape.

There are two areas of concern for which we should care; one more so than the other. The physical realm and the metaphysical/astral plane(s).

I do not believe we are physical beings living in a one-time trapped life here to pass into nothingness. I assert that we are strictly spiritual beings enclosed within this weak physical carcass, governed by the weaknesses of the mind which is controlled by our spiritual conscienceness; the soul. Our spirit will live on beyond the residual echoes of our will (ie: ghosts). We are more than that.

THE BODY:The necessity to care for our physical body promotes the health of the organs to permit successful workings through being well rested, physically strong, and mentally alert. Our bodies are the weakest part of our being, but through rigorous exercise and proper diet, we will chase away tiredness, slothfulness, and other distracting aspects of the body which only exist to weaken us. We all know how to care for our bodies. We know what we should and shouldn't eat. We all know at least basics of exercise. We have all the required tools to feed our knowledge base to grow in this area; the internet. Don't allow your body to bottleneck your most important work; spiritual practice. The stronger the body, the stronger the mind.

THE MIND:The care of our body has an effect on our mind. By adhering to the above, our mind will then become the bottleneck to our being. Strengthen the mind by reading the appropriate grimoires, philosophy books, and academic materials. Increase the proficiency of your mind through thought provoking exercises such as playing chess and studying computer simulated 'best moves', playing music and integrating a more technically sound creative melody by adding such ideas as note skipping, arpeggios, 5th and 7th notes, etc. Find ways to create mind-blowing experiences which open new creative doors of possibilities. This type of expansion of the mind exponentially increases strength. Don't allow your mind to bottleneck your most important work; spiritual practice. The stronger the mind, the stronger the spirit.

THE SPIRIT:Our spirit is the only eternal part of the self we have. Everyone has spirit and uses the strength of the spirit. When athletes show to 'have heart', they are actually pushing forward propelled by their conscience efforts with spirit. When someone is fighting for their life in the hospital, the only way to survive is to not allow their spirit to be broken. This is us. This is who we are. Meditate, ritualize, concentrate. When everything else in this world passes, we will be spending an eternity with only our spirits left of what we have here. Dedication of life should be in the pursuit of the betterment of the self, the spirit...

TO THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE:To embody the highest of LHP progressive principals: the greatest form of advice I could give came from a man much wiser than me. I'm a big fan of quotes as others who came before me once said it best:-"Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". ~ Mahatma Gandi-If one were to live their life by this quote, our [both theists and atheists of the LHP] actions would be the same although our beliefs would be different. This is one of the reasons I pull to all LHP practitioners in the spectrum. Our methods are similar but with differing perspectives. Keep strong, don't give way to those things which don't matter. Be what you visualize as your apotheosis. Hail and farewell!

I get a lot of questions in regard to my ritual garbs and lifestyle. Instead of addressing these questions individually, I will give an explanation here for those curious.

I am currently in the purification process along the Left Hand Path with efforts directed towards achievement of monasticism in the practice of religion. I am not a fully fledged monk at this time. I am taking this time to adapt myself to the lifestyle of LHP monasticism. There is an incredible amount of discipline required in the daily routines of an LHP monk. The learning, adaptation, and eventual performance of these disciplines on a routine basis of being a monk.

Just to give an idea of some of these disciplines (as there are too many to account for) are the following: perform multiple dedication/devotional rites/rituals per day. I never allow my body to be present without a symbol of the spirits/Dark Arts. It encompasses everything in my life all the way down to getting dressed and undressed which has an associated ritual with clothing order, prayers, body postures, etc. My diet has been adjusted, the way I eat (ie: posture, observance of substance existence, amount of food, silence during the ingestion period, etc.) is all finely calculated.

If anyone has a question not listed here, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Thank you.

Q: What do you wear on a daily basis?A: 95% of the time I wear at least partial monastic garbs. I have varying levels of formality associated with monastic garbs. The highest tier of formality is as you see in my profile picture for dark meditations, divination, rituals, and ceremonies. Once I reach full monkhood, I will be wearing ritual garments 100% of the time. There can be no deviation from this.

Q: What do you eat?A: 90% of my diet is steak/meats, eggs, noodles, and vegetables.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your day?A: Pushing myself to exercise. I have to train all aspects of my existence equally. This is a balancing act and the symbol of Baphomet. I must train physical, mental, and spiritual. This can loosely be translated to inducing physical strain on my body, academic and thought provoking exercises, and religious studies and dedications.

Q: What do you do for fun?A: I enjoy studying other languages, chess theory, music theory, and movies on occasion.

Q: What kind of music do you like?A: In descending order, I prefer dark ambience, classical, and death metal.

Q: Can you have a girlfriend/wife as an LHP monk?A: Yes, however I cannot allow them to cause any major disruption of my monastic lifestyle. They don't have to be supportive, but they do have to accept my lifestyle.

Q: How long is the purification phase of becoming a monk?A: It could take anywhere from a month to several years. Some LHP practitioners willingly withdraw from the purification process. Purification is the process by which we are instilling the necessary discipline required of monkhood. It is the training ground of testing to solidify one's choice of monastic life.

Q: Why do you always wear ritual garb?A: I always wear ritual garb because I live my life as a continual on-going ritual. It proves my dedication to the spirits and is a constant reminder of where I belong and what I should be doing.

Q: What is your motto as an LHP monk?A: Dedication and patience. Through these two virtues all things may be accomplished.



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