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The content on the network is slipping. As it always has from time to time. Just asking everyone to step up. Mainly enough with the one word or one sentence posts. If you got nothing to say then don't. Blogs should be blogs. Not a video. When have a video section for that. Mainly I want people who check out the network to want to stay. Do not make this place your playground or look stupid.

I do not have the time to clean this place up alone. And, unless you want it to get overly moderated we need to improve the quality of content being posted. SIN has been for the most part run by its users. I would like to keep it that way. As the site grows it becomes more difficult to clean up. I could use everyone help.

I am not trying to deter people from posting. Just asking to improve the quality and content of your post. I am seeing stuff that are not really comments or posts. More like someone is bored and has nothing to say. If you got nothing to say do not post or comment. A smiley face does not count.


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The Wall

Jason King
Sep 8 '15
You make a decent point here. The only problem is the one you yourself just acknowledged above. Did I spell that right? You can't put refs in at halftime, Zach. They have to be playing the entire Game.
Zach Black Owner
Sep 8 '15
True Jason. Which is why I am hoping the users will step up. The game does not need a grip of refs if the players are sound. I need to go find Lexi.
Zach Black Owner
Sep 8 '15
Oh, and as you can see my grammar and punctuation are not perfect. Nor will they ever be. I am not expecting perfection. Just effort.
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