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Salutations, I'm Kat.

I used to be on this site a long, long, *breathing intensifies* long time ago. But since I only know about three people on here that are still (kinda) active from before SIN had a glow-up, allow me to introduce myself.

Again, hi, I'm Kat. I'm a visual artist out of Detroit, Michigan. I joined this site about five or six years ago, got banned, made a new account, then got banned three more times after that. At the time, I lived in Kuwait, where any word of the Left-Hand Path caused middle-aged men to cut off whatever body part they felt was appropriate for the time (I'm kidding, kind of).

Since being openly non-theistic in the Middle-East, I've had death threats, knives held up at me, not being accepted into most high-schools because of cOnTrOvErSy. It's been fun.

Now in 2019, I've gotten out of Kuwait, joined a coven, learned to drink liquor straight, and I get married in 6 weeks.

Tell me about yourself.

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The Wall

Sep 2
Well tinychat is a fag. Who wouldn't want to see Kuwaiti muff? Anyways I'll never get to see it anyways because I don't chat. I never got to see your boobs 6 years ago. Somebody tell me if Kat shows her muff.
Sep 2
I'll just send nudes.
Sep 2
No, no. I'm cool. I'm happily married. Send them to Plasmo.
Sep 2
Oooh, that's a thought hahaha
Sep 2
Yeah, send it to Plasmo.
Discordia Member
Sep 3
Tiny chat sucks. Join the Discord master race :p
Sep 3
Hook a girl up! I have discord
Discordia Member
Sep 3
Thats the SIN server. Come on in. One of us, one of us!
Dark Enlightenment
Sep 4
Well you are 21 and this site is suppose to be 18 and up. So... That one infrequent ONA sock periodically comes in and posts nudes in threads, called me beta boy and everything. This type of behavior is of course encouraged when you're attractive.
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By KatDavid
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