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There is a root cause for everything, but in order for this root cause to exist, there must exist a context, and that context is eternity. Eternity encapsulates all things that have a beginning and an end, of which itself, it does not. Eternity itself is not a thing, it is negation of things, for any thing to exist, it must have a beginning, and is therefore, not eternal.

Existential polarity is the most basic and fundamental aspect of eternity, it is the primordial root of polarity that forms a basis for the manifesting of force to forms. The negative aspects appear first in the form of repellant dark energy to material electrons, and the positive in the attractive force of gravity to material protons.

This polarity is reflected all throughout existence. In any thing of any depth, or which measurement is attributed. From the subtle to the gross; the macrocosmic repellant and attractive forces further manifested microcosmically to the various emotional depths of feeling et al. The miniscule particles that serve as universal building blocks to the virtually infinite spectra found all throughout existence. All range from one form to the other; less to more, cold to hot, negative to positive. All things, in one form or another, exhibit the primordial root, of existential polarity.

Forces to be reckoned with, a fantasy; what does it even mean.


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