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When fire breathes it's last goodbye 

Extinguishing the Suns lidded eye

The shade brings life as dark surrounds

And unexpected screams abound

Blood slithers down a rusty blade

Sheathed in flesh a soul to fade

A maniac smiles behind a mask

Relishing his demonic task

Footsteps echoing from behind

A sudden turn, no life to find

Exercising futility

Victims always franticly

Search in vain to find escape

From a most horrific fate

Fear surely gripping their hearts

It's claws will tear their lives part

And when it happens no time to run

An unexpected end begun

Pain shoots forth like lightning's flash

As hopes and dreams are burned to ash

Blood spilled across a dirty floor

The life that was now shuts its door

And from the body comes a sigh

Like fire breathing its last goodbye



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