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I’m not sure if this will interest anybody here, but I recently tracked this down on Youtube.


I discovered the 4 part: ‘Occult History of the Third Reich’ on the Temple of Set reading list years ago. I bought the series on DVD, and then leant it to someone and never got it back.


This is pretty good viewing for those interested in Nazi Germany, though the info may be regarded, by some, as rather simple and introductory. I am not a National Socialist or fascist, as I don’t like having to goosestep, in line, in any sort of formation.


Having said that though – I am interested in this idea that Nazi Germany was based on occult or black magical principles – this 4 part series really explores that and gives people a starting point for research if they want to flesh that out. I remember Nikolas Schreck and Michael Aquino both expressing the view that Adolf Hitler was a great black magician.


The other interesting thing I have recently found on Youtube is this.


It is a long 10 part documentary called ‘Russia’s War: Blood upon the Snow.’ This documentary examines the years of the Soviet Union under Stalin’s regime, and looks at the conflict between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War Two.


I don’t think the Soviet Union was necessarily built on occult or magical principles. Marxist/Leninist Communism was supposed to be essentially materialist, i.e. it drove any form of idealism or mystification out into the margins or excluded it all together. It hence implies a thoroughly disenchanted worldview, with a supposedly real basis in material history – mode of production, labor relations, and social classes, etc.


Anyway, for anyone who is looking to examine so called “dark history,” this stuff is quite interesting.



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