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Like everything in this world, we become stupid, and start following your so-called books on such a complex subject. I was young, stupid, and also big headed, this was my first experience down below.

After ten years trying, I succeeded to summon. Yep, I thought I done it all damn wrong, there in front of me a black mass, a mist if you wish to say. And only thing which came to my mind was this statement, "How are you doing?" and it disappeared. What a dumb ass! Saying the most dumbest statement ever. Wow.

Just ranting here.

Since the Dawn of Time, Mankind has never really grasped the concepts of speech, either if they believe there, so-called statements has truth, or even adding additional lies, to feed people the ideologies. Throughout History, Mankind has never learnt the concept of living, and respecting each others beliefs or live styles.

The Multicultural, world. We live in.

With many of these peoples, they never seem grasp the concept of law and order in some nations, but only a small majority. Many of these people, have come over to another Country(Nation), and forced us there culture, like they own the right to do so. They have there own laws, which do not fit with our own laws.

Either way, you look at it, Governments are at fault, and there so-called Respect of People's rights, and etc, are placed in a lost cause, and forgotten. Governments, have become a barrier, they do not care about how there own citizens suffer, this when Politically Correct statements are applied.

Meaning of Politically Correct, or should I say, NO free speech.

# someone who is politically correct believes that language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race should be avoided.

Second statement of this, is that politically correct word, or expression is Used instead of another one to avoid being offensive.

Basically saying – You have no rights to Free speech, to anything, or any government, groups, or persons.

Free speech was once a term, which we could say what is wrong with the politics, laws, religion, etc, of one's nation, but now in the 21st Century, you have to be correct in all speech, and written statements, and deliver speech with right concepts and duration of what ever you are speaking about, or lecturing. Making sure it does not offend anyone, or everyone.

Nevertheless, I seen this world is coming to one close, we are all going to have no speech or opinion on anything, what the governments say is final, either if its wrong.

Human rights, is becoming another mixed up topic. With so many laws, and rules, which do not govern anything, it is a great ideology on paper, but has not worked for many people in this world, but, cut them off. Our views on this fragile subject, is now being thrown around, like Chinese whispers.

Nevertheless, we need to change, before it becomes worst, but like everything, nothing really happens.

Profit means more than Human Life. To me, Profit, is just plastic materials, and metal pieces, with digital meanings. Just another invention to divide people into classes. Either I am ranting like a Satanist, or just a mad man.

Welcome to Hell, its called Earth.



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