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the far left is the most racist thing to exist in the modern age. This is Easy to explain. The left, in the entire short span of their history have promoted racism as an end to it's means. But this problem goes much farther than just divide and counquer. We also need to understand who is being divided, and who is being conquered. It's used differently in every scenario where it comes into play, because communism(all far left is communism) itself is a multi national movement and must be presented differently. Comunism operates on a philosophy called group think. Step one is identify a group that has less power/representation in the target nation. Step two, target these groups and tell them they are being oporessed and should fight back against whoever currently holds power in the target nation.
step 3 is the scariest:
Replace current government with a leftist government, and execute all the revolutionaries and rule with an iron fist. sounds like real freindly people.

In the US, current target of leftist propaganda is POC and women. 

The deep want to "put those naughty boys in their place" comes actually from primal motherhood instincts, and has much more little to do with how men treat women later in adulthood. That's why, a man can be kind and respectful to a woman, and still get constantly shit tested and bullied by a leftist woman. It's a primal urge for dominance and not cooperation, that's achieved through teaching them to view masculine men as dangerous threatening and stupid little boys.

The appeal to POC is much simpler and easier to understand. "see that whitey with all that money and power?!". After this remind the target about the rocky history of POC with whites ommiting every positive aspect of it. It takes a very smart and humble person to resist this. Building up a false sense of persecution with the media and constantly pushing racism is how you do this. Whites are made to look nerdy and backwards, and untrustworthy to POC in movies and TV. It's truly terrifying and racist to a degree I thought was impossible until I read it. I bet all the white girls dumping their boyfreinds right now are netflix customers all. The simple question is does right wing politics present a viable answer to this? the answer is a resounding NO.

The traditionalist right wing narrative applys to a more simple time. That's the short answer. It's not equipped to deal with, nor defeat the communist menace. So far the most they have done is made themselves look like racist idiots.

The answer lies in appealing to people's better nature. That, and selling the product of a clean, safe, fun, and sane way of life with few rules and more room to grow. The idea of personal freedom of thought and speech is always the best way to counter communist propaganda. The reader will likely go in search of answer and realize capitalism, and communism, are pure lunacy.


I encourage to do your own fear mongering. they do it, why not you? everyone that unsubscribes to the radical left and goes somewhere else is a victory. Tell them "look at scandinavia, they made good changes without all this thought policing!" because although worldwar 2 certainly helped their mental clarity these countries made these changes because of the horrors happening right next door in the soviet union. people were defecting and telling horror stories. It isn't all that hard to figure out.

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