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Sir_snake Jan 29 '17
Im looking for some new rituals, or texts in which rituals are taught. Im not sure if this is the proper fourm if it is not please excuse  it.
Sir_snake Jan 29 '17
Sir_snake Feb 4 '17

Quote from HornedLycan


Go to the beginner section and get a handle on articles 2 through 6 if you don't have one already. They cover dream control, astral projection, and other metaphysical, mindful practices, and I guarantee them. This stuff can be a bit intense and mentally exhausting. It certainly changed my views on the power of the mind. Consider it basic training for more advanced magic.

edit: Oh, yeah. Beyond the beginner section there are spells and rituals of all sorts. Dark magic will bite you if you use it, and according to Puzuzu, truly badass warlocks only use their own blood when blood is called for. I never did much ritual magic, but those notes on it made sense to me.

I found The Satanic Bible here over a decade ago.

Sail Hatians!

Thank you for the link. 
Sir_snake Feb 14 '17

Quote from Zoramonkey
Quote from Jonathan A Group would be good for people to share their Rituals and Arcane knowledge, I write a lot of Satanic Ritual material myself and would be glad to contribute

not a bad idea
I'd join. 
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