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neyamiko Mar 3 '17
I realize that it may be reveled to me later but I'm so curious that I can't wait.

The other night I woke up and I was staring into the dark hallway not really thinking of anything just staring. I saw a pentagram just appear. It wasn't real hard to see but If I had to describe it, it was black or reddish. I saw it with my eyes but for some reason something tells me it was in my mind and I was just visualizing it. I made a mental note of it and went back to sleep.

Does any one know what this means or have a similar experience with this kind of thing? I'm burning with curiosity.
neyamiko Mar 4 '17
I think it was impossible to tell if it was warm or cold. It felt neutral to me. But it lasted for a good while, it wasn't like it just appeared and then faded right away. It was burned there almost like a spot you would get from staring at the sun. But it wasn't a spot it was a very clear and well defined pentagram. And I was in the dark and hadn't looked at any bright lights. Also it didn't move from it's spot it was stationary no matter where I turned my eyes.

I didn't feel frightened. I was very calm. And I was definitely wide awake at that moment! I just didn't really think much about it I just accepted it. Until I woke up the next morning. Now I'm curious about it.
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