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AntonDahmer Mar 23 '17
This is completely random but I've gotten called most races except for my own so I thought it would be interesting to see what someone might think I am based on a picture, None of my brothers or cousins have this happen to them.
kittykittygoboom Mar 27 '17
Spanish? Egyptian? Middle-Eastern? It's difficult to tell.
AntonDahmer Mar 27 '17

Quote from kittykittygoboom Spanish? Egyptian? Middle-Eastern? It's difficult to tell.
Haha I get middle-eastern and Egyptian on an almost weekly basis, I'm going to invest in a ancestry DNA kit. My mom looked at me after someone pointed this out and was like " we need to figure out where the hell you came from!"
AntonDahmer Mar 27 '17

Quote from Zoramonkey Hybrids are healthier, smarter and live longer. I am envious.
Thats really true? If so than I would be lucky since I'm a mixture of many things Mexican, Black, Native American, German, French,  and I have another side of my family who are mixed as well but I do not know them.
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