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Margaret Poole
Margaret Poole May 19 '17
Does anyone else here listen to this genre? If you are unaware, horrorcore is a genre of rap with horror overtones. A lot of lyrical content in this genre is based on horror films,true crime and Satanic lyrics. Sicktanik is a rapper , producer, label owner who is openly Left Hand Path and this factors into his lyrics and videos. There is even a true crime case that involves horrorcore and Satanism (look up "The  Farmville Murders").

 I am well aware that there are many who revile rap in any form or who specifically dislike this particular genre for whatever reason, but I am interested to hear from any other actual fans. Do you own any cds? If so by whom, have you seen anyone live? If so whom? What acts are your favorites? My particular favorites are the ladies; Razakel, Leticia Gore, Smallz One & The Manson Theory. I do not own any cds ( the ones I keep wanting keep selling out or are not being sold) , I have downloaded some songs.

 I have not seen any acts live. I did have permission to use a couple of songs for one of my horror movie's but the director/editor did not use either song despite me showing the proof I had permission to, which seriously irked me but let that be a lesson in shooting and editing stuff yourself if control is what you want.

Alwayzfaded1 May 23 '17
Lord infamous the king of horrorcore, is my Favorite artist Ive met and smoked a couple of blunts with him before he past away. R.I.P 
TYK Sep 25 '17
Been a follower of this genre for years, especially the juggalo scene. I own quite a few Psychopathic Records releases, Most of Majik Ninja Entertainment's releases; Twiztid are probably my favorite also a Kung Fu Vampire album.

Mars, Scum, Esham, Flatlinerz, Gravediggaz, Cage, Gore Elohim, Jak Tripper...
I urge any Satanist to check that last dude out. Jak Tripper, dude is utter insanity. I think he captures the essence of Satan better than Sicktanick the Souless can ever hope to. No disrespect towards SKR what so ever though.
RipperRamone Nov 2 '17
Love horrorcore. The Geto Boys started it all out here in Houston, though some of their stuff bleeds more into Gansta rap. Still ia a kick ass track. Chuckie, Mind of a Lunatic and Mind Playing Tricks on me are a few more greats. Their best album would be We Can't Be Stopped.

Ganksta N-I-P is another horrorcore original. His album South Park Psycho is a horrorcore classic. 

Flatlinerz are awesome. I believe they only released one album, titled Under Satan's Authority. And of course, Gravediggaz, as mentioned above, featuring RZA as a member.

There's also Graveyard Boys, Richard Gein, $uicide Boy$, and SOMETIMES Xxxtentacion.

I'll definitely be checking out some of the other people mentioned here. 

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