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Joker Style
Joker Style Jun 30 '17
So often quoted yet so infrequently considered. It seems that many have forgotten the more important aspect of the decree. They just drop the second half. It's unfortunate. 

What type of Satanist are you? Here, take a survey? How you "identify"? Is this gender and women studies for the Left Hand Path? What the fuck is going on? How does one prefer to define Satanism anyway? 

I could break it down to it's most pathetic incarnation; inverted christianity--no more than an empty blasphemy to an imaginary mythos. Merely one end to the horn of a unicorn. Anti-creativity in its most blatant form. Anyone can invert something already in existence, the blueprint has already been laid, but how many can create something from nothing?

Who here can bring forth the light from darkness and the darkness from the light? Who here can Manifest? And bring forth consequence from desire? 

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law! And what do thou wilt? What kind of Satanist am I? I AM that which I WILL! 

For Pure WILL, Unassuaged of Purpose, delivered from the LUST of Result, is every way Perfect!

I AM Lucifer, my WILL is Satan. -Madhatter770

Joker Style
Joker Style Jun 30 '17
The only passive aggressive pussy-ness going on here is your feign attempt to take credit for riling up anything. You mistake the word "response" for "example". Try replacing the two and dropping your egotistical ad hominem attacks to resolve a clearer picture of my opinions. 
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