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EnnGamer Aug 7 '17
Anyone playing UWO? It's one of the few mmo's that I don't tire of in a week. It would be cool to meet some LHP folk in game :) If you're playing it, PM Goetic in game. Thanks. 
EnnGamer Aug 18 '17
Hi , ya i joined the steam group recently n got a chance to chat with gamerguy666, good guy :) My steam id is djintrader  thanks for reply 
EnnGamer Aug 23 '17
Luxex, The ship will be in your inventory. To get into it though, you will need to talk to the shipyard master and select "Change Ship". My in game ID is Goetic . PM me by clicking the icon just left of where you enter chat text. Select "Tell". Then a box will appear next to the chat window where you can enter a players name, :)
EnnGamer Oct 12 '17
UWO Update.  

Recently, UWO hosted by OGPlanet turned the game over to Papayaplay.  We are told there will be a complete reset. That means everyone starts at level 0. The game relaunches October 18th. UWO is fun and complex.  If you would like to start a new game where everyone is at the same beginning level, sign up at PapayaPlay before october 18. :)  I hope to see some of you there. I have already registered my toon using my previous OGP name "Goetic" PM me here or in game if you would like more details or entry into our company (guild/clan).

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