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Lucian Aug 10 '17
Twelve years ago, I woke up one morning, it was allready daylight.
I opened my eyes and noticed that I just couldn't move, I was completly paralysed, I couldn't even move a finger, only thing I could do was look around and breath.
I was 100 percent awake, I am very sure about this couse I remember everything exactly, like it was yesterday.
Well, I really started to worry seriously about my condition, what might have happend to me while I was a sleep. I thought somehow I must have broken my neck, since I couldn't move nomater how hard I tried.
All this took place in about 30 seconds.
I was know looking up to the celling and thinking what to do, as I looked down again, two human like shapes where standing in the middle of the room. They had the exact silhouette of a person but were completly black. Like three dimensonal shadows.
Again it was bright daylight, and I could see them absolutely clear in front of me. I never was that scared in my life, I tried to scream for help but I just couldn't. So I just stared at them. At first they weren't looking in my direction. They were facing each other and talking but I couldn't hear a word. All of a sudden one of them looked right at me like he just noticed that I was staring at them, than he quickly sad something to the other figure, know they both was facing me for a moment. The next second they just run away right through the wall!
I really don't know but from their behavior it looked like, they got aware about me seeing them and they didn't seem to want that cause the next second they left straight. I can only assume.
The second they run away I could move again, and I just screamed from the the top of my lungs, my hole famaily came to see whats wrong with me. I told them I had a nightmare, cause I didn't think anybody would belive this.

I just want to add, I haven't been drunk that day nor took any drug.
I never saw something like this before and didn't saw anything strange since, just to let you know I don't have a mental issue.
If somebody would have told me something like this before, I would have just laughed.

The experience really scared me, I thougt I might lose my mind or something so I went to see a doctor and checked on my mental health,
everything was just normal.
As a result I moved out of that apartment as fast as I could, cause I couldn't live there anymore.

I share this, because to this day I wonder what it was I saw or what it might mean.
If you have any idea, or did experience something likewise on your own, let me know.

Sorry for my english

Lucian Aug 11 '17
I heard about "astral projection" but I'm very shure I was not dreaming, I was wide awake!!! I know what I saw, I'm sure about this! I remeber every detail, It couldn't been nothing like lucid dreams. I was 100 % awake, please believe me, I'm very honest about this. 
orange_juice Aug 19 '17
sounds as little bit like sleep paralysis to me, maybe look into it? good luck working it out.
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