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Siatris Aug 18 '17
I've been around the Satanic sphere for awhile now. My story begins pretty typically; I grew up in a Christian home, when I was 17 my friend bought me a copy of the Satanic Bible for my birthday, I read the Satanic Bible and I thought it was the best thing I had ever read. Then some 'unsettling life-events' happened and I joined a cult (typical, right?). I had a healthy dose of skepticism my entire time being in the cult, it was like I was aware of my own cognitive dissonance the whole time. But illogical things didn't matter, because that's not what kept me anchored to the cult, it was something emotional. Thing is, after I got over my problems, there was no reason to stay and I left the cult. After which, I stayed away from anything religious for years. I still enjoyed reading books by Anton LaVey and agreed with the majority of what he had to say; so I was essentially playing the Devil's game while denying the Devil's name and that's why I call myself a Satanist.....again.

So yea, thanks for listening to me ramble on about myself.

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