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While SIN serves as an efficient, vibrant facebook-alternative for Satanists of all denominations, it's no secret that the activity here is rather minimal, even for a niche interest. I thought it might be interesting to hear stories from people who have met and/or befriended fellow Satanists in real life. I can't even conceive of the possibility that there would ever be someone hidden in the crowd who whispers "hail satan!". So, share your story! :)
RiderOnTheStorm Mod
RiderOnTheStorm Sep 24 '17
I have met 2 people from SIN in real life. One in Toronto and one locally here in New Jersey. Since I live about 3 miles from Manhattan, I have a great advantage in meeting other Satanists/LHP folks than someone in, say, the Midwest. 

I have attended a few events/lectures/chapter meetings of The Satanic Temple NYC chapter, which was GREAT for networking irl. Generally though, the best bet is wearing something that will alert other like-minded folks to you being one of the cool kids. ;-P
TheMystic Support
TheMystic Oct 9 '17
When business picks up, and one of my rental homes becomes vacant, I will keep that rental vacant and make it an adult playhouse and Grotto. I think most people do not have a place to go where they feel safe. So that is a real problem.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 10 '17
I have met with Luciferians,  traditional witches, Devil's worshippers, Satan's worshippers, necromancers, Kali's followers, and the list coud continue , but a real Satanist ( under Dr. Lavey's philosophy of what a Satanist is) I haven't met yet. I know that there are some Satanists close to my area , they know I live here in Toronto, but they are afraid I'll give them some heat of hell and they don't want to be burnt ( just kidding) , we are just  waiting for the right moment to meet and warm ourselves with this victorious philosophy of life that has liberated us from  superstitions, religious bondage, stupidity, ignorance, etc.
Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Oct 10 '17
I have spoken with other Satanists here but never actually physically met one. I'm based in Cheshire, England. If any other theistic Satanists would be interested in meeting or just chatting on the phone or Skype I would be very happy to do so.

ctytoalba88 Oct 13 '17
Don't really know anyone personally who is on the LHP or is interested in it. It's kinda sad. 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 14 '17
Well although SIN does go through dry spells you would be hard pressed to find another network as active with as many users as SIN. There is the 600 club , but that is about it. Of course there are a billion satanic groups on facebook. You would have to sift through them. I can tell you a few that I like. 

My random encounters have usually people recognizing me off the street via my youtube videos. I have very distinctive tattoos and I make no secret that I live in San Diego. I sometimes see some people wearing satanic bling bling and I will approach them. Usually I am disappointed .

I meet my tattoo artist who is a Satanists walking across the street. I said ' cool shirt dude '. I had my work shirt on and he came in to my work the next day and was like ' your Zach Black'. I was " I am"? He goes yeah and points to my name tag and tattoo. We been close friends ever since. 

I have met in real life many from LHP consortum, comedy central, youtube and facebook. I think the trick is, well for me it was is to manifest something that puts your face out there. My case was youtube. 

You can try advertising with satanic bling bling and shirts. I actually rarely do. 

In fact in about 2 hours I am filming to step in as a expert on Satanism. The documentary is about the rise of teenage witch craft in America.

Luciferi Baphomet
Luciferi Baphomet Nov 19 '17
I have talked to many Satanists online but the only one I met online then met in person was my husband. 

We met online in December 2013 and then met in person in April 2014. 

gamerguy666 Nov 19 '17
Congratulations i'm so happy you've found your soulmate in a fellow Satanist must be nice :)
whatugawkinat Nov 19 '17
I'd love to meet more fellow followers of the LHP in "real life". I tend to believe the point of living this life and believing what we do centers around our natural inclination to be accepted...or at very least, find common ground with your fellow man...I think that this is almost a form of survival instinct of sorts...grouping with strangers who share common ground would be much safer than joining sides with someone who would kill you for thinking differently. As a resident of West Virginia, the odds are slim in favor of meeting someone on regular basis, however I would see no difference between seeking out and speaking within forums/messages vs doing the same in person, plus, friendships/relationships hold more value than anonymous chit chat. I think most could benefit from meeting up and conversing in person.
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ctytoalba88 Nov 26 '17
Anybody in Columbus Ohio want to talk?
whatugawkinat Dec 1 '17
From Clarksburg's kinda close? (3-3.5 hrs away)
Quote from ctytoalba88 Anybody in Columbus Ohio want to talk?

Crystal Support
Crystal Dec 1 '17
Fuck, I want to meet all of you. 
Crystal Support
Crystal Dec 1 '17

Lol, you're a nut. Most people meet without any sexual contact. You make a lot of assumptions about people, don't you? Just because two people meet doesn't mean anything sexual has to happen. 

And learn how to take a joke. I'm hear to enjoy myself and meet like minded individuals. 

Thank you all for sharing! 

Extra thanks to Zach for blessing my post with that awesome story. Your friend's one lucky sum'bitch! Gotta sniff around for the aforementioned documentary.

RiderOnTheStorm, I grew up in Queens, but I've since moved. As luck would have it, I discovered Satanism long after moving out to a real pinhead city. I always find people who are "en facto" satanic to spend my time with, but it's never as sweet as the real thing, they're still normies. TheMystic, be sure to keep us updated on that. I'm imagining a sort-of country club for Satanists. Iblis, I envy your cunning. whatugawkinat, I feel similarly about the whole "safety net" thing. Sometimes, it's just not satisfactory to know folks who "accept your beliefs", withdrawing interest out of fear or something else, and pretending the "Satanist" part of you is just a playful tag. Not that it bothers my ego, but it does get awful lonely up here on my high horse!

I wore an inverted cross and sigil of baphomet in order to advertise my affiliation to other LHPers. I did get the attention of a local cop who's a freemason and pagan nut, but he's a bit too much of a wacko for me. I got a positive remark from a guy from Ohio saying he was a staunch atheist and it was really hard where he's from. A pleasant sentiment, but otherwise fruitless. I finally decided to STOP wearing my necklaces entirely when a weedy kid from the university took my compliment of his own sigil the wrong way. He pointed me in the direction of Spencer's gifts, and went on to tell about how the old ladies at his parish don't like when he wears it. Then he took it off and gave it to me before leaving, even though I was sporting a similar one... That was pretty weird for me, at that point I decided the whole image I had going with the necklaces was tainted and so I've given up "showing off" my Satanic symbols. Like Zach said, it'd be more rewarding to put oneself out there in a creative or entrepreneurial way to gain the attention of local satanists rather than playing dress-up... Of course, I still wear them from time to time, mostly on Sundays, just for fun. But certainly not in the same way I used to.

Bigbull Dec 6 '17
I have always liked to meet people from sin or lavayrian members like minded people as most people I have met are wanting to out me as a Satanist like someone else has said before as most other people have the wrong perception of the satanic religion some times I would love to tell them what ever the media has said about it all is wrong.

I have an inverted cross round my neck but keep it hidden from sight I have the goats head ring on which I wear gloves so no one sees that 

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Bigbull Dec 6 '17
People round where I live would think I kill chickens and kill people in rituals my own auntie thinks I am possessed by the devil she is a massive Christian nut when I have been down to see her she has tried getting me to go to church  at silly o clock in a Sunday morning when my dad has been down to see her they have got him to church 

What I mean about like minded same understanding and same religion as myself 

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Scorbius Sep 16 '18
I haven't met any other Satanists outside the Net. There is one that contacted me on Facebook. We got to talking but our beliefs clash. I didn't say anything about that but only questioned him politely on his beliefs in Satanism. He lives 20 minutes away from me. I am familiar with the area he lives in. But I don't want to meet him. He made it clear that he wanted a "friends-with-benefits" type of "friendship" with me, and I am in a monogamous relationship. So that was a disappointment. I was hoping to make a new Satanist friend.

There are plenty of places for me to look for other occultists and pagans, since I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But I have had too many weird and uncomfortable interactions with more than a few of them, so that turned me off wanting to join any temples, groups or covens or getting to know any in real life. I know it's me and my problem. But I just join the Facebook groups and interact with others there.

Scorbius Sep 16 '18
I am actually enjoying my time here. I like reading other people's posts and being exposed to different points of views.

Nowhere did I say nor did I mean to imply that other people who are in the occult and pagan scene are degenerates, homewreckers and the like. 

But your post did make me smirk. A bit.

EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Sep 16 '18
Go to the haha hotel. you can meet all kinds of people there. Being popular on social networks is basically like sitting at the cool table at the funny farm. You have fun with them, you might even enjoy the challenge of trying to fuck them. But when it's time to go  back to "normal" life, you forget them.

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