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Owner/Admin Nov 29 '17
Like him or not what he did for Satanism can not be denied. Manson drew more attention to Satanism since LaVey in the mid 90's. Manson became a public icon and to quote Boyd Rice ' Manson called me and said Boyd I will become famous to corrupt the youth of the world ' . 

I got into Satanism when I was 13-14 ( 1990 ) . By the time Manson took off I was 18-20. It was fascinating to what all these high school kids turn goth and start wearing Manson shirts. I was open about my Satanism and wore my Satanic bling bling so these kids would ask me about it. I decided to play the part and became ' goth '.  Sounds funny I know but I was young to. Besides I got a lot of goth pussy. :) 

Here are some of my favorites from Manson 

Owner/Admin Nov 29 '17

Quote from Dread Ozzy, Kiss, Cooper, they all did shock rock first. Manson used Satanism as a tool to be more 'shocking', and, it worked, to a certain extent.

...In the context of being an artist that could easily sell out stadiums yet had a hard time booking them.

That he did do. But, he actually is a Satanist. I mean who gets to hang out with LaVey and write the forward to his last book? Manson did what a lot of bands did including the Rolling Stones and down played the Satan card when they got famous. Satanism does not sell so well. Even LaVey died poor. 

Although in Manson case he should've kept the Satanic imagery and theme going. Shit you already got you a baphomet tattoo. As soon as he lost the image his career went down hill. Although if you listen to his music it is still there just not in your face there. 

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Pusher Mod
Pusher Nov 30 '17
Have you seen Manson recently? He is bloated and brain dead. Who cares if he was friends with LaVey. Manson music is sub-par. Now... NIN who made Manson is kick ass. 
Bismuthiel Dec 4 '17
Manson is an artist, and artists evolve and change. As a rule of thumb stagnation is intellectual death.

I'm a big, big fan of Manson's early stuff. It's so angry and raw. After Golden Age of Grotesque his music took a downswing because the guy went through a string of bad relationships that destroyed his morale. The anger simply wasn't there. Like the three albums that came before it I didn't like The Pale Emperor, but when listening to it and tracks like Mephistopheles of Los Angeles I realized Manson was starting to get back to "it" - his out of the box thinking - even if the anger wasn't there.

I thoroughly enjoyed his last album Heaven Upside Down however. The anger isn't as intense as it was during his youth, but it's there. The album has this tone of smug dissatisfaction, reminding me of one of my other favourite bands as a youth - Garbage. Kill4Me could easily be sung by Shirley Manson and pass for one of their songs.

Criticizing Manson's music is one thing, but to criticize the man today because he doesn't superficially resemble the man he was yesterday is just silly. Manson is as Satanic as he ever was, whether or not his music is good. His slide from in-your-face shock rock into slower melodic music reminds me of how LaVey went from being a very public face for Satanism to a recluse shunning the spotlight. People change as their perspectives and desires also change.

That said there are very few artists that retain their integrity, fewer still that retain the essence that permeated their greatest works. When the fire dies it often is never reignited. Disturbed is the best example of this - The Sickness is STILL one of the best metal albums of all time, but everything they did afterward lacks the soul and fire of the first album. They may have a good track here and there, but Disturbed is just some nondistinct NuMetal band now. In contrast KoRn may have albums that are better and albums that are worse, but on the overall have never missed a single beat even when they made a dubstep album. Jonathan Davis is a passionate artist who loves what he does and it shows through his work. I feel a similar way about Rob Zombie.

XG17 Dec 4 '17
People who just see "satanic sacrilege" in MM are like people who just see "rape scenes" in Game of Thrones. 

Is it attention-grabbing? Sure. It's also irreverent and unflinching, and there's way more going on than just that. IMO, it says more about how shallow the audience is than the artist, if that's all they see.

Quote from Owner/Admin . Although if you listen to his music it is still there just not in your face there. 

Indeed, it takes a scholar to figure out to what SAY10 refers. Obscure reference, that. 

Quote from Pusher Have you seen Manson recently? He is bloated and brain dead. 

One for two. If you're a male artist and you're gonna make your signature look androgyny, gaunt is the name of the game. Men and women wear body fat very differently, and he wears chubby worse than most. His music is rock solid right now IMO, but he could stand to drop a couple stone. 

Bismuthiel Dec 5 '17

Quote from samowens84
I think people focus too much on the artist's "intent." 
Intention is one of the most basic aspects of magic.

When watching one of Manson's clips you are not watching a music video - you are watching a living sigil.

Also, perhaps I've taken this too literally since I too am an artist albeit a nonmusical one, but one of my favourite Manson lyrics "I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art". If the meaning isn't lost on me I take it to understand that in the Satanic sense an artist is not simply an individual who produces art, but rather someone who is the sum of their artwork.

Bismuthiel Dec 5 '17
Mules are considered very attractive in some parts of the world.
XG17 Dec 6 '17
Quote from AK47 That's right he's not an artist! He's a mule-faced faggot.

You have to admire the pluck of someone as naturally hideous as Brian Warner getting more ass than this entire forum combined. 

Pusher Mod
Pusher Dec 6 '17
Oh cocaine ? Stanton LaVey was/is selling Brian Warner credit card on E-Bay for 500 bucks. Apparently they were doing blow and the card numbers ( zeros) are full of cocaine from being crushed. I guess Manson was high and forgot his credit card. I wonder what Stanton bought with it? Maybe more cocaine ? 

Also Stanton ... If you see this fuck you . And yes I did fuck you ex 'wife' Szandora . So did many people . Get over it. Pretty sure Zach did too.. 

Wait did I just say this? Back to Mars I am scared. 

mourningstar Dec 10 '17
I've been a fan of MM's since 93-94 and are still a huge fan. Regardless of what he may or may not have done for satanism or the LaVey connection, I'm a fan of his music (and yes) art. He is an interesting, intelligent and complex individual. I like his entire catalog.
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