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David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
I know I'm new to this site, but how is anyone going to hold a meaningful conversation when it takes days for a forum reply.  I will cease and desist if Zach Black wants.  It's just frustrating to see potential in this site without a discord channel.  If this community wants to actually have others interact with each other, a beta discord server should be made.  Think about chapels and voice interactions online connected through this site linked straight to a private discord server. I actually want to talk.  Not wait several days for one reply on a blog and have porn spam in my inbox.  I will stop this if Zach doesn't approve.  I am also willing to start it as well.  Lets link us all from this site into a discord server as well.   I want to talk.... not wait.  Lets hang hang out and chat. 

If this goes well we can add a great outlet for communicating more frequently and even include voice.  Custom links can be made for chapel channels and we can even play games, share art, or just talk to each other.  I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries.

Link: https://discord.gg/aZnygz
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
feel free to join the SIN voice channel if you would like to chat.
David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
link to instant voice chat for the "beta" voice chat: https://discord.gg/Wdue4R

David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
so how are we supposed to interact again?
Retired Dec 15 '17
Do feel free to make and maintain a discord server, but don't be surprised if it doesn't overflow with people right away.  We already have a voice/video chatroom, (for those of us with internet connections!) that sees some activity, but only periodically. Weekends, some evenings.

David Shmosh
David Shmosh Dec 15 '17
@Dan_Dread  gotcha.  I guess I thought it would be more active.
apocryfon Feb 3 '18
The invite expired. Has the discord been a succes? Is it still alive? Can ppl still join if so inclined?
Farlon Mar 28 '18
Discord is a great thing.
There should be a SIN Discord Server.

This is my server Elysion, where you take a holiday from your life. Hell, earth or heaven? Where are you living? What's your name? You define yourself! Never expiring link: https://discord.gg/F67RkxV
TL49877 Apr 29 '18
Hmm.. might check it out sometime.. mainly use discord for gaming and friends..

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