I am Farlon.

Underestimating can be very dangerous, too.

Anything that is not designed to serve the common joy is stupid and whoever sees it differently is stupid too.

Am I not contradicting myself? If I do not serve my own joy, am I not stupid myself then? Why do I torment myself here?

☀️ No, I do not contradict myself. My conscience would hurt too much. I do not want to be a hero but that everything is fair.

That's why I do not want to have a place at the sun now, but I want to earn my place in the future from my own conscience.

I am already quite far on this path, I already grant me quite everything now.

But our children are trained by rewarding instead of addressing their own understanding which is degrading. Animals are trained by abuse. So children are treated like animals and animals are treated the way nothing should be treated.

So I am here in order to make sure humanity finally develops a level further, why? Negativity. Anger, fury, hate, rebellion... bla. Basically maybe I don't have shit to do with Satanism as really most most people think of it, but I guess the rebellion thing is already enough to make me a fully valid "Satanist". No, I don't hurt too much for others hurting!? But the principle of (real, unvoluntairy) pain is sth I am absolutely unwilling to accept. I am a real enemy of part of "god"'s creation then, if that is part of his creation.



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