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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 19 '18
Something got me thinking about what turns people on, but more particularly how much certain searches are made.  This sampling from a few years ago, but is likely just as relevant today.

Among the overall categories, I found diversity and a cornucopia of fetish. While more particular ones are omitted, like feet (which i will never understand), I assume it is because it qualifies as a "sub group".  And obviously, there is an entirely different sample for "Gay"...

As you dig deeper you notice some trends in gender specific searches.

The full article is here:

The two distinct takeaways I gleaned were:

1. Males are really fond of being "Nimrod's Son", as incestuous categories dominated the top 10 along with "teen".  My thinking is there are lots of guys out there with really hot step daughters/mothers that they can't have.

2. Women are really fond of lesbian porn, now this might be a slanted sample as "women most likely to look at porn", but it also may be telling of  the dwindling worth of men in general.

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EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Feb 20 '18
I love this post.. It got me on to looking deeper into the enigmatic mysteries of sexual double standards. 

Turns out they are NOT DOUBLE at all as in one or the other.

So I have found again this list of 


in all its forms A to Z.    

Also I have to say it...

COME AAN!! The third most popular search is what?!


You guys LOVE DICK so much, You should start fucking each other!

This will solve two problems! 



Diane Mar 2 '18

WOW! I can't believe bondage/ BDSM isn't on that list at all!! Is it a intended. ;) Get it? SUB- category. :)

And, also, I seriously can't believe how low on the list anal is!! That is surprising...although, are these "polls" mostly women or men, because that could make a huge difference.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Mar 3 '18
Where is my black gay midget porn? I know I am not the only one jerking off to it.
Seth Mar 25 '18
I worked as a statistician with access to some very personal data for a few years. Can confirm there's a huge gap between what people claim to want and what they actually do search for , and that's not limited to porn, but entertainment politics, etc too. When presented with evidence they go as far as denying it all, for fear they'd look like sheep. It's super interesting. 
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